A few celebrities with electronic cigarettes

November 13, 2014 1 min read

1). Leonardo DiCaprio – Widely reported when he was seen with an electronic cigarette in public.

2). Lindsay Lohan  smoked a electronic cigarette when on house arrest was widely reported on media, even it’s a commercialism promoted by Blu.

3).Britney Spears – With e-cigs, she doesn’t have to worry about her smoking habits causing gossip mills to explode anyway.

4).Simon Cowell – “Simon does not smoke any more. He has got a vaporising cigarette instead. He smokes air, or rather water. It’s amazing.” says Amanda Holden.

5). Snoop Dogg – joined the vaping game and G-Pen use his name on there electronic cigarettes

6) Jack Nicholson – The Departed star got his nicotine fix and was seen puffing away on an electronic cigarette as he chatted away to his many admirers.

7).  Katy Perry relaxes with a beer and e-cigarette as she celebrates national holiday with a party for close pals

8). Dennis Quaid – On the set of Beneath the Darkness was where he was first seen using an e-cigarette.

9). Catherine Zeta-Jones – was caught using an electronic cigarette outside of a restaurant.

10). Richard Hammond – Top Gear’s Richard Hammond vaping an electronic cigarette at lunch in Notting Hill

11).  Paris Hilton enjoys an electronic cigarette in Malibu

12}.Samuel L Jackson with his ecig

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