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Vaping is growing in popularity, but what are the benefits? Let's take a look at five of the most common...

1. First of all... vaping will return your smile

Besides the negative health outcomes that are associated with smoking cigarettes, many users also discover that the habit has several other unwanted effects on their body. It's often said that you can tell a smoker by looking at their teeth because they'll often be a visible shade of yellow – not ideal!

With vaping, however, you don't have to worry about stains ruining your teeth and causing you to feel anxiety when you look in the mirror. Regardless of your choice of eliquid flavour, you'll find that your smile always stays bright and sparkling white.

2. You can eliminate many of the health risks from smoking

vaping with eliquid signThe health concerns surrounding smoking cigarettes are well documented, but vaping provides a much safer option for anybody looking to make a change. Recent studies have shown that vaping has significantly reduced health risks – about 95%, in fact – in comparison to traditional smoking.

You never have to worry about tar clogging up your lugs with vaping and, unlike cigarettes, you don't run the risk of finding that the habit reduces your sense of taste or smell. With such a wide range of vaping products available, such as the super convenient and varied one-shots at RainbowVapes, it's never been easier to make a permanent switch and improve your life.

3. You can protect those around you

drawing of woman next to no smoking signIn recent years, the government has put in place various pieces of legislation to protect the public from the risk of second-hand smoke from cigarettes. In particular, the smoking ban in pubs, bars, and restaurants was enacted to try and stop customers from unwittingly inhaling dangerous particles during a night out.

One of the main benefits of vaping, however, is that the smoke is not harmful to those around you. This means you can comfortably socialise with friends while still enjoying a wide range of flavour concentrates and nicotine shots to suit your mood and tastes.

4. You can say goodbye to that unwanted smell

Another side effect of smoking, which most people can identify from far away, is the strong and familiar smell. It doesn't just linger in the air around you but becomes a permanent fixture in your clothes and home furnishings.

With vaping, you can completely eliminate this antisocial aspect of cigarette smoking and refresh yourself and your home. As vaping provides such an extensive array of ejuice options, you can pick a different flavour every day of the week and never have to worry about an overwhelming scent sticking to you and your belongings.

5. Vaping is an effective way to give up smoking

woman vaping eliquid to help her stop smokingThere are plenty of traditional options to help you give up smoking cigarettes, but studies have shown that the most reliable method with reduced side effects is vaping. Many people struggle to kick their smoking habit once and for all, but vaping can provide the perfect method to achieve that goal. Vapes also have the benefit of delivering less nicotine into your body than cigarettes, which can make them less addictive.

If you're looking to give up smoking, you can make the process a fun one by choosing from a wide range of products, such as RainbowVapes' famous Cloud Chaser eliquid range with your choice of nicotine strength, to kickstart your new lifestyle.

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Kenn Aujla-Starr
Kenn Aujla-Starr

July 09, 2019

I’ve been vaping since 2011/12, it’s the only thing that kept me off smoking. I got my sense of smell and taste back, no more shortness of breath and I’ve saved a fortune. Big fan of Rainbow Vapes for the range of flavours. A criticism of vaping is the flavours are aimed at kids. This is nonsense. Once you get your tastebuds back, the last thing you want is to vape a tobacco flavour. I make my own juices most of the time and can’t imagine going back to cancer sticks and the stench of them.

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