9). Vape Taste Burnt? Possible Reasons and How to Fix It

March 07, 2022 6 min read

Vape Taste Burnt? Possible Reasons and How to Fix It

Have you ever tried to vape but got an unpleasant burnt, dry taste? If yes, then you’ve probably thought that your vape device is on the way out and you need to get a new one. Well, it is possible, but not always the case. Sometimes, all you need to is to make some quick fix and you’ll be back to enjoying a great taste and flavor in no time.

At rainbowvapes, we have noticed that a lot of vape lovers experience burnt taste from their vape, and that’s why we’ve put together the top reasons why your vape can taste burnt. We also included simple ways you can fix these problems in this article.

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Now, let’s move on to talk about the reasons why your vape taste burnt and how to fix it:

Your E-juice hasn’t soaked into the cotton

A vape device usually works with an atomiser, whether you vape a flashy box mod, a vape pen starter kit, or a cig-a-like. When you fire your device, it’s the atomiser that heats the liquid to give vapour and your desired taste.

More so, an atomiser comes with a wicking material (cotton) that absorbs the e-liquid. If you’re using replaceable coils, you will often see the cotton material poking out to absorb or allow the e-juice to soak in.

Now your vape may taste burnt when you fill up your vape with liquid and fire it up straight away. Your vape tends to vaporize the wicking material instead of heating the liquid because the e-liquid hasn’t been absorbed into the cotton. This happens commonly with new coils as they are completely dry.

How to fix it:

If you notice that you’re getting a burnt taste immediately after filling your tank, then you may need to allow the e-liquid to sit for 5-10 minutes before vaping again.

Usually, you’ll notice the burnt taste disappear. But if the taste remains burnt, then there could be a problem with the coil and you may need to get a new one. Quickly.

If your device is using replaceable coils, you should dismantle your tank, loosen the burnt coil and change with for a new one.

However, if you’re using a pen-style vape or cig-a-like, then you would need to swap either the clearomiser (the tank attached to your battery) or cartomiser (for cig-a-likes).

Also, if your tank carries replaceable coils you can try to prime the coils before screwing them into your vape. This helps to prolong the life of your coil and prevent burnt taste. 

Your tank is low on E-liquid

You might get carried away without checking your tank, and this often leads to taking draws that taste burnt. Vaping without E-liquid can cause you to have a burnt hit because there is liquid is available for your device to heat.

How to fix:

The simple solution to this problem is to top up your tank. Always keep an eye on the gauge while vaping and top up when you notice your e-liquid is running low. 

If you’re using a cig-a-like vape device, you’ll know you are running out of liquid when the flavor starts becoming less intense. All you need to do is swap it out for a new one.

The coil is bad

When coils are on their way out, they start producing burnt hits more often. So always check your coil and replace it when necessary.

When you use the same coil for a long time, it eventually wears out the wick, and this evaporates your e-liquid, causing a nasty burnt taste.

How to fix it:

Remove your worn-out coil and replace it with a new one. How you change your coil depends on your tank, but the major way is to unscrew the top or bottom part of your tank to remove the coil.

However, you can try cleaning your coil to see if would work well again, otherwise, move on to get a new one. 

You’re vaping at high power

If you’re using vape devices with variable wattage, you’re more likely to experience a burnt taste.

Some vape kits come with a fixed wattage that pumps out the same power throughout your vape session. There are some that adjust wattage automatically by working with the resistance of the installed coil. Other devices, like box mods, allow you to adjust wattage manually.

A lot of advanced or intermediate vapers love to have control over the vape, so they can easily tweak the settings to find the “sweet spot.” But the disadvantage is that you can get your e-liquid burnt when you vape a high power. More so, setting your wattage sky-high can strain your coils and cause more frequent burnt hits.

How to fix it:

If you’re using a variable wattage device and you’re getting burnt hits, you can consider knocking down the wattage, a notch or two. Most times, you would always get the recommended wattage on the instructions that come with your vape or coils.

But if you’re not sure, it is advisable to start off in the lower range and increase your wattage gradually until your get the right flavor and vapour.

Remember, if you switch between coils of different resistance, you need to adjust your wattage to match. For example, you may hit the sweet spot vaping at 70 watts on a sub-ohm coil, but when you switch to a mouth-to-lung coil, you need to knock it down, otherwise, you’ll damage your coil.

You’re using the wrong e-liquid

Vape devices come in different designs and they require using the right e-liquid. Your vape might taste burnt when you use the wrong type of e-juice. You might have heard of terms like sub-ohm, VG, PG, 50/50- these terms all have different meanings:

Sub-ohm vaping: It is a term used for vaping low-resistance coils. Coils are made to have a particular resistance level. The high resistance is used for mouth-to-lung vaping, while the lower resistance is more suited for direct-to-lung vaping.

VG: This is an abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin, which is an ingredient in e-liquids. They can be used alone (if you vape nicotine-free juice), but they are commonly mixed with nicotine and PG. You get a smooth throat hit and big clouds when you vape high-VG juice.

PG: This is an abbreviation for Propylene Glycol, which is a flavor-carrying compound in e-liquids. If you vape high-PG liquids, you tend to get more flavour but less vapour.

50/50: This means a mixture of VG and PG in your e-liquid in equal parts. Most vape devices and high-resistance coils use this e-liquid mix. However, you’re likely to encounter rations of 80/20, 70/30, indicating that the ingredients are mixed in unequal proportions.

So how does this relate to your vape having a burnt taste? When you use the wrong type of e-liquid in your device, your vape can taste burnt. If what you have is a sub-ohm tank and you use high-PG, high-nicotine liquid, your device may end up not working properly.

Sub-ohm vaping relies on the use of higher-VG liquids, as they are thicker. If you use a 50/50 e-liquid, it might result in a harsh, dry hit, which you’re more likely to find unpleasant.

How to fix:

Always ensure you’re using the right e-liquid for your device.

A general rule of thumb, however, is that you should opt for 50/50 e-liquid or nicotine salts if you use a vape pen or high-resistance coil (1 ohms+). But if what you have is a box mod with a low-resistance coil, then you should use sub-ohm liquids containing a high proportion of VG and short fills.

How to prevent burnt hits

You may experience a burnt hit, whether sooner or later, and you’ll need to either change your e-liquid, replace your coils, clearomiser, or cartomiser, top-up, or turn down the power.

However, you can take the following measures to prevent frequent burnt hits:

  • Prime your coil

  • Don’t chain vape

  • Refill regularly

Final Remark

Now you know the possible reasons why your vape can taste burnt and the right measures to fix it. If you are looking at changing your coils, choosing the right e-juice, or upgrading to a new vape kit, rainbowvapes has a collection of the best products you can find in the UK.

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