February 22, 2019 1 min read

Cheap E-Liquid Delivery Charges
So why have we changed the E-Liquid Postage Prices?
There are a few reasons why we have completely changed the E-Liquid pricing structure. A few points below:-
  • We are able to sell E-Liquids at a lot cheaper price (before postage was built into the E-Liquid price).
  • We are able to track our inventory more accurately (thus not letting customers down).
  • There is no need for a multi-buy system, that often didn't work (also slowed down the website).
  • The customer can now choose any E-Liquid at a cheap price, rather than been fixed to a selection of brands to get a discount in the grouped multi-buys.
  • There is only one postage fee, so when buying more than one it makes each additional E-Liquid cheaper for the customer 
  • Almost all guest E-Liquids are cheaper when buying a single E-Liquid on the previous pricing structure.
  • Rainbowvapes E-Liquids have also been reduced, so if you would like to try those as well as the guest E-Liquids you can at far more competitive prices.
  • Postage for orders abroad won't be affected, so a saving of £3+ on each E-Liquid with the new system.
We are pleased to have saved all customers money when buying cheap E-liquids at Rainbowvapes.

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