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At Rainbowvapes we try to source the best products at the cheapest prices to be able to pass on the savings to our customers. We realize that everyone likes a bargain and getting cheap eliquid can help save a lot of money, when money is needed elsewhere.  

3D Image of the British pound symbolWe deal with over 20 different wholesale companies in the UK and can come across some really good trade deals. Buying and finding a good deal is one of the exciting parts of the job. Just like when you see a good deal in a shop.

Some of the brands like Dinner Ladies eliquids were around £14.99 for 30ml, being able to sell those for a lot less than the normal wholesale prices is fantastic, I don't think the competition will like this thou. 😉 

Momo 6x10ml E-liquid Drizzle DreamOne of the latest brands we have got in is Momo, looking online I have seen these 6x10ml packs as high as £21.99, with Rainbowvapes selling £3.49 these have to be the cheapest Momo E=Liquids in the uk.

We will continue to keep an eye out for these cheap trade deals, thus being able to sell eliquids at bargain prices.

If you want to be informed when new cheap e liquids are added leave a message to this post and also add your thoughts. :)





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July 09, 2019

Great choice of flavours n so GOOD QUALITY N VALUE HAD LOADS N ALL GOOD THANK YOU 👍👍👍👍👍

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