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Dough Bros One Shot Concentrates for DIY EliquidIf you're new to vaping, the sheer number of flavours and combinations that are available might seem overwhelming at first. The beauty of vaping, however, is that you can mix and match all of the products to suit your specific tastes on any given day. At Rainbow Vapes, we pride ourselves on offering the widest range of flavour combinations so that we can easily meet all of your vaping needs in one place. To make the process as easy as possible, our One Shot options are perfectly designed to let you make DIY eliquid quickly and easily so that you can enjoy a wide range of flavours with no hassle.

The ideal introduction to DIY e-liquid

Lolly Vape Co. One Shot Concentrates for diy eliquidIf you want to try out several different vaping flavours, One Shots are the perfect way to start doing so with your own DIY e-liquid. With a One Shot, you don't need to worry about designing your own flavour as it's already been created. Instead, you just combine your selection with a base and nicotine to create your vaping product of choice. The entire process couldn't be easier, which makes it perfect for those new to vaping or for those customers who wish to try their hand at DIY ejuice for the first time. At Rainbow Vapes, we offer the cheapest flavour concentrates and e liquid in the UK, so you can afford to try a number of different items and gradually discover which ones become your favourites.


An exceptional range of flavour concentrates

Got Milk One Shots Besides the ease of use, the greatest benefit of One Shots for DIY eliquid at Rainbow Vapes is that you have an unbeatable range of flavours to choose from when creating your ideal vaping product. You can opt for a classic refreshing one, such as Lemonster Concentrate by DIY Monster, or the more complex fusion of Antidote on Ice Concentrate by Ruthless. On the other hand, if you have a sweet tooth, you can indulge it with the Smores, Apple Fritter, or Glazed Donut One Shots by Loaded, amongst others. You can even select several options in one handy set, such as the Trash Candy One Shots. This package offers four differently coloured bottles with which you can experiment. Each colour represents a sweet, fruity and invigorating flavour combination, so you can pick and choose depending on your mood.


A great option for creative and adventurous types

Sweater Puppets Concentrate 30ml by Humble for diy eliquid
The most unique aspect of vaping is the flexibility and choice that it affords, which is enhanced and made particularly easy and efficient with One Shots. At Rainbow Vapes, we offer over 600 different One Shot flavour concentrates so that our customers can always find the perfect item to suit their tastes. With our unbeatably low prices, you have the opportunity to be bold and try a wide range of different flavours that you might not have considered before without breaking the bank. To find out more about your vaping options, you can browse our full range of products on the website or contact us for more information about DIY ejuice and the extensive range of flavour concentrates that we keep in stock.

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