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Poor Vapour Production from Your Vape Device- Here’s what To Do

As a vapour chaser, you might become worried when you’re not getting enough vapour from your vape device. Well, you need to always keep in mind that e-cigs are electronic devices with several components that are prone to develop faults occasionally.

Poor vapour production is just one of the many malfunctions that you could encounter with your vape device. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our team of experts at “rainbowvapes has done our research and seen that a lot of vape users experience this issue with their device occasionally.

Some vapers record that they started noticing poor vapour production after refilling their device. Some others say their device suddenly started misbehaving.

So you might wonder if it has to do with the new e-liquid you used or the device. But the truth is that the issue of low vapour production can be caused by many factors.

Common reasons why you have poor vapour production

Below are some of the most common reasons why you have poor vapour production from your device and the best thing to do to correct it.

Airflow and voltage

If your device comes with adjustable airflow and/or voltage, you may try tweaking the settings to see if would fix the poor vapour production.

You can bump the voltage- the amount of power from the battery to the coil is directly linked to the quantity of vapour that will be produced. So when you increase the voltage, it can help enhance the depth of the flavour.

But take note that too much voltage can burn your vape coils, and this can create another issue for you entirely.

Controlling the airflow also matters in correcting poor vapour production. When you increase the airflow, it leads to the production of more vapour, but this applies only to devices that come with adjustable airflow.

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Battery issues

Some devices tend to have poor/low vapour production when the battery is low on power. This may even take place before the LED light starts to blink or signal it’s time for a recharge.

So here’s what to do: Recharge your battery until it becomes full and observe if there’s a difference in cloud production compared to when the battery is low on power. You can also use a spare battery (if you have one) to see if it makes any difference.

Again, you can check the area around the connector to see if there is any old e-liquid build-up. When gunk builds up around the connector, it could allow more air in, reducing the performance of the device. That’s why it is advisable to clean your device regularly.

While cleaning, check the air vents on the side. They tend to produce poor vapor when they’re clogged, and this leads to drawing harder on your e-cig before getting anything out of it.

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Using e-liquids with a low amount of VG

E-liquids are composed mainly of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) mixed in a set proportion. This PG/VG ratio varies and can either be 40/60, 50/50, 20/80, 30/70, or 100% VG. You hardly get e-liquids with 100% PG, unless you choose to go DIY.

If you want to have a rich cloud production, the high VG e-liquids are the way to go. These e-liquids give off more vapour and the higher the VG, the richer the clouds produced. However, this vapour production is often at the expense of flavor of through hits.

So, if you’ve confirmed every other factors to be fine, you may try a higher VG juice to get better vapour production.

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Inability to lower resistance

Several key parts link to the battery of an e-cig atomiser. This atomiser is critical in determining the amount of vapour your vape device produces.

So if you’re not getting enough vapour or the clouds are underwhelming, you should consider investing in an atomiser that allows lowering of resistance.

When you lower the resistance of your atomizer, the coil heats faster, and this produces more vapour when you vape.

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However, always note that your battery needs to compatible with the atomiser you intend to use. Otherwise, you stand the risk of having real issues.

That said, the point here is that lowering your atomiser helps to boost vapour production, thereby enhancing your vaping experience.

Use improved kits

You may not be paying attention to the type of vape setup you’re using, but it sure has a direct influence on vapour production.

When you use smaller starter kits, you may not get enough vapour and that’s simply because these kits are not designed to handle airflow needed for cloud production.

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Final Remark

You could experience poor vapour production due to the reasons stated above. This problem is common if you’re using a faulty unit or bought a low-quality device. That’s more reason why you should purchase your vape devices, hardware, coil, e-liquid, and other vaping accessories from a reputable source like “rainbowvapes.”

Our team of experts has researched through the thousands of products and brands in the market. We have put together the best products that fit all vaping needs and preferences. You can visit ourstore now to make your choice.

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