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To vape or not to vape? To the medical community, the benefits are clear

In recent months, there’s been a lot of discussion about the safety of vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. A recent report in the Guardian citing data from the US has suggested that authorities have confirmed six vaping-related deaths across the country with an additional 450 reported cases of lung problems associated with vaping products.

How safe is UK e-liquid with man blowing smoke while vaping

A significant amount of scientific research has been carried out to better understand the health impact of vaping, with results providing the usual array of confusing results without providing consumers with a clear picture of the risk versus benefit. Amongst all this noise, how can you understand more about vaping to ensure it’s the right choice for you as an aid to quitting smoking?

Vaping beats traditional cigarettes hands down

Whatever the scientific research or political noise around the topic, there’s one thing that every side can agree upon; vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is significantly less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes. Public Health England suggests that vaping is up to 95 per cent less harmful to health than smoking and is still one of the most effective ways to stop smoking in the long term. This opinion is supported by Cancer Research UK, which states that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking and are a good option for someone looking to stop using tobacco products.

What’s makes e-liquids less harmful than tobacco?

Traditional cigarettes contain over 600 chemicals, at least 65 of which are toxic and are known to cause cancer. For those around you, cigarettes produce more than 7000 different chemicals when burnt. In comparison, e-liquids used in e-cigarettes contain far fewer chemicals and don’t produce any chemicals through burning, making the environment far healthier for your neighbours. At Rainbowvapes, we work with the most reliable eliquid manufacturers on the market, ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients are used to provide the safest products around.

How effective are e-cigarettes in helping smokers to quit?

E-cigarettes still contain nicotine – the main addictive element of cigarettes. Therefore, simply replacing traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes won’t help you to quit smoking on its own. However, unlike with regular cigarettes, users of e-cigarettes can moderate the amount of nicotine they take into their bodies by adapting the strength of the eliquids they use. In time, this will help users to reduce their overall nicotine intake to a level where they are better equipped to stop entirely over time.
Rainbowvapes offers a wide range of eliquid strengths depending on individual need, meaning that you can choose the strength that is right for you.


Cigarette manufacturers are less than happy

The invention of vaping has been a mixed blessing for tobacco manufacturers. Over the years, they’ve been hit pretty hard by the increased regulation surrounding the promotion and sale of tobacco products. As recently as the 1950s, smoking was still promoted as relatively harmless and, at times, even of benefit to health. However, nowadays tobacco manufacturers are heavily restricted as to how they market their products – from being obliged to use graphic imagery of smoking-related diseases on packaging to the colour of packaging, taxation and even where and how their products can be displayed and sold. Therefore, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cigarette manufacturers would be keen to discredit the vaping industry – a growing market that faces few such restrictions in comparison. At the moment, anyway.

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However, tobacco executives are a canny bunch and haven’t been blind to the potential of this highly lucrative market and a way to bolster their dwindling profits from traditional tobacco products. Health experts have even accused some tobacco companies of using ‘underhand’ tactics and exploiting the lack of regulation surrounding vaping and e-liquids to hook a new generation of smokers to nicotine through clever marketing tactics. Of course, we all know that vaping was never designed to become a ‘habit’ in itself, and this should never be advocated. However, to what extent these claims are true is yet to be proven.

Should I be worried about using e-cigarettes and eliquids?

With all the conflicting information available, vapers are rightly confused as to the safety of e-liquids. Scientists have yet to prove a link between the use of eliquids and an increased risk of harm to health. On the other hand, there is an almost unilateral consensus that the use of e-cigarettes and eliquids is a significantly better option than traditional cigarettes when it comes to preventing ill health.

It’s also worth noting that the small number of deaths and cases of lung problems recorded in the US study mentioned earlier were mainly attributed to users of eliquids that contained cannabinoid products with the presence of Vitamin E. At Rainbowvapes, we ensure that none of our eliquids contain cannabinoid products or Vitamin E, working with only the most renowned manufacturers who use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure their products are as safe as possible.

The verdict

At the end of the day, nicotine is a drug. There’s no getting away from it. And, as with all drugs, including alcohol and caffeine, there’s always a risk associated with use. Every smoker or user or nicotine-related products such as eliquids needs to take responsibility for how much of the product they consume and for how long. Rainbowvapes is a responsible supplier of eliquids and we are more than happy to point this out.

However, e-liquids were not originally designed to be a long-term replacement for traditional cigarettes, but a weapon in the army to help smokers to quit the habit for good by gradually reducing their nicotine intake whilst reducing the harm caused by the array of nasty chemicals found in tobacco. As a relatively new product on the market, the long-term effects of using eliquids has yet to be fully researched. However, the existing research and body of evidence governing their short-term use can’t be denied. As a way to help smokers to quit, either alone or in conjunction with other products such as nicotine patches, eliquids and e-cigarettes offer a safer, more controlled and, of equal importance to many smokers, cost-effective way to quit smoking for good.

Our range of e-liquidsare available in a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths to help smokers achieve their long-term goal of kicking the habit for good. Vaping is the first step on your journey to going nicotine-free – so celebrate the fact that you are doing your health a big favour by kicking out the tobacco.


Just as I was finishing this post I came across this video from Public Health England which I though you might find interesting. It is about smoking v vaping but it shows what damage smoking cigarettes and vaping does to your lungs, it clearly shows that vaping is 95% less harmful.

Please let me know your thoughts and your views on the situation in the USA in the comments.



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