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10ml e-liquid & Vape Juice

Have you been trying to quit smoking and find yourself needing that little boost of nicotine strength? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place, our e-liquid here at Rainbow Vapes is perfect for all electronic cigarettes. With free UK delivery on all of our vape liquid options, we should be your first port of call.

Our huge range of e-liquid and high VG e-liquids should be more than enough for every taste requirement, every device and suitable for all vaping connoisseurs. If you have any questions or queries about the flavour profiles we can offer you of our e-liquid range, all you need to do is contact us, we can even provide you with vaping guides if needed. Our shop is a customers paradise. 

10 ml E-liquids

Maybe you have been told to quit smoking for medical reasons, or you are trying to quit smoking to save money, if either of these applies to you why not try our 10ml e-liquids. In line with the tobacco products directive our 10ml e-liquid type is safe and is a form of nicotine. 10ml e-liquids are nicotine products, with low and higher concentrations available across the UK.

You can choose a nicotine strength from omg through to 20mg. This form of e-liquid is perfect for any of our customers who need a nicotine shot in their vape, why not visit our flavour shop at the same time? You can choose an e-liquid with a higher concentration of great flavour if you would prefer not to taste the nicotine strength.

When it comes to e-liquid, Rainbow Vapes is one of the best companies in the UK, we can offer you nic shot e-liquids, nic salts, short fill e-liquids, we even offer multi-buy deals. When you choose to move to electronic cigarettes you can still get a range of nicotine strengths and also the perfect throat hit. There are many benefits to move from smoking to nic salt and 10ml e-liquids, with a wide array of flavours we can help you out.

Nicotine Strength 10ml E-liquid

e-liquid is a combination of high pg e-liquid, which allows doe a throat hit vape, propylene glycol and high VG glycol, this pre-mixed formula allows for an e-cigarette to give you a close to the normal smoking experience. By stimulation and a close experience to traditional smoking, nicotine salts make for a better alternative to smoking in real life. Ranging from nicotine strengths such as 10ml, 50mland 100ml, e-cigarette kits have become more popular over the years.

10ml bottles are perfect for your first order that includes a higher nicotine strength than you are used to, especially if you haven't smoked before or you are used to menthol. By vaporizing e-liquid you won't be inhaling toxic chemicals that are found in smoke, plus we stock a vast range of vapour options, perfect for any price limits, you can take a look around our website to find more.

Rainbow Vapes has a fantastic collection of vape liquids available including nicotine-free e-liquid in 10ml options and all the way through until the maximum allowed nicotine is 20mg.

High PG E-liquid

Propylene glycol has been named one of the best flavours across the e-liquid community, including within 10ml e-liquids, this product strongly mimics the flavour of traditional cigarettes. This is the perfect starting point for vapers who aren't used to vaping and who have recently come off cigarettes, it replicates nicotine strength and as a vape liquid is the best option on the market today.

Liquids differ depending on your specific needs and e-liquids need to be tried and tested to find the right one for you. You can buy the e-liquid vape juice in a range of flavours from our shop and also in larger bottles.

Nicotine Salt E-liquids

When it comes to our vape and 10ml bottles we offer nic salt juices, these use natural nicotine, allowing for a higher concentration to be smoked with minimal irritation to your throat or lungs. E-liquids that include nicotine are just like the real thing, paired with the feeling of smoking, you will be more than happy with the kind of e-liquid.

Because they are vaped under low wattages it is the recommended product to use in kit starters and refillable vapour e-juice. You can use our faster checkout system to get your nicotine ready e-liquid, including choosing a flavour today. We also offer delivery on all orders over £10! Take a look across our website shop today.

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If you want any more information on the 10ml e-liquids we can offer you, get in touch with me today, I have spent a number of years developing and growing my vaping company, because of this I am confident my shop will be the best choice for you. I guarantee you will be putting it all in your basket. With a range of flavour options and strengths, you can customise your e-liquid to your specific needs.

Get in touch today for more information.