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888 Poker is a cheap e-liquid which is has been created in the UK, 888 Poker comes in a range of 16 flavours which include

Blackcurrant Menthol - A sour but sharp blackcurrant with a cool minty menthol aftertaste.

Blue Razz - A unique flavour which come from a plant which gives the taste of a blue slush without the coolness.

Blue Slush - Always good on a hot day, grab that blue slush on a beach, cool and refreshing.

Bubbleberry - The classic taste of bubblegum blended with a mix of fresh berries.

Bubbleburst - Classic bubblegum, keep chewing and the flavour just gets better

Frozen Lime - Zesty lime which makes the mouth water combined with a koolada flavouring which gives the coolness to the vape.

Grape - Just as if you have just picked them straight from the vines, break the crisp skin to get that juicy flavour.

Menthol - a simple flavour that is cooling with every vape, the flavour is simple but effective.

Mixed Fruits - A massive mix of berries and juicy fruits blended into a single liquid.

Pear Drops -we go back to the local old style sweet shop for the container of pear drops, sweet and tasting of pear.

Raspberry Menthol - Sweet juicy raspberry blended with a cooling menthol creates a smooth fruity but cool vape.

Strawmelon Ice - Whats more to like than a blend of strawberries melons and a cooling after effect, 

Tobacco - Where we all started, a simple blend of tobacco flavour to satisfy any cravings.

Twisted Berries - A berry blend, expect strawberries raspberries a many juicy sweet berries in this e-liquid.

Vimtoberry - A popular drink, if i remember right its blackcurrants, grapes and raspberries.

Cherry Menthol - A sweet cherry blended with the cooling effect of menthol which gives a cool sweet vape.

All 888 Poker E-Liquids come with one free nicotine shot which creates a 3mg e-liquid, if you rather have a 1,5mg eliquid that option is there as well.