Adrenaline Fizzy Cola E-Liquid £3.29 Adrenaline Fizzy Cola E-Liquid £3.29 - Rainbowvapes

Adrenaline Fizzy Cola is a range of e-liquid created by The Ace Of Vapes in the UK, these come in a range of five tasty and fizzy flavours.

Apricot - Smooth ripe apricots with that great fizzy cola.

Cherry - Fizzy cola with dark cherries giving that deep and intense fizzy cherry taste.

Mango - Juicy ripe mangos bursting with fruit fizzed up and cola added for a super juiced up fizzy taste.

Orange - Get the tastebuds moving with these zesty oranges combined with that quality fizzy cola blend.

Original - A blend of cola flavourings gives this that ultimate fizzy cola taste.

Each bottle of Adrenaline Cola comes with a free nicotine shot, choose either 0mg, 1.5mg or 3mg mix.