Lost Vape UB Mini Coil S1 & S2

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The Lost Vape UB Mini replacement coils have been specifically crafted for compatibility with a range of Lost Vape kits. These coils come in various versions, allowing you to select your preferred level of vapor production. Regardless of your choice, you'll enjoy an authentic MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhale with a discreet amount of vapor, akin to the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Key Features:

  • Replacement Coils
  • MTL Options
  • Mesh Construction
  • Easy-to-Install Design

Coils with lower resistance will generate slightly more vapor, while those with higher resistance will offer a more subtle vapor output. For optimal results with either coil, we recommend using an e-liquid with a 50/50 concentration. Additionally, the mesh build of these coils enhances flavor by rapidly heating the e-liquid.

We've compiled a list of vape kits that are compatible with these coils, along with their vaping styles and recommended wattage settings. Some of these kits feature Smart Mode, eliminating the need for manual power adjustments as your kit will automatically select the optimal wattage for you. However, if your device allows manual wattage adjustment, please make sure to select a coil that falls within your mod's output range.

Recommended Kits and Wattage Settings: These coils are compatible with the following tanks and pods:

  • Lost Vape Ursa Nano pods (For "no coil" option only)

These coils are compatible with the following kits:

  • Lost Vape Ursa Nano, Nano S, Ursa Nano Pro

UB Mini Coils Recommended Wattages:

  • S1 0.8 Ohm Mesh UB Mini Coil: 12 - 17W
  • S2 1.0 Ohm Mesh UB Mini Coil: 9 - 13W
  • S3 0.6 Ohm Mesh UB Mini Coil: 16 - 21W
  • S4 1.2 Ohm Mesh UB Mini Coil: 9 - 11W

Package Contents:

  • 5 x Lost Vape UB Mini Replacement Coils

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