Twisted Apple Disposable Vape by Frunk Bar Mesh BB11/2024 20mg

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Twisted Apple Disposable Vape by Frunk Bar Mesh is packed with crisp and authentic apples with delicious tartness and slightly sour notes. The flavours are very lifelike and are aimed at a candy-style apple. This delivers the taste perfectly without the chemical aftertaste you find with other apple vapes.

The compact design of the Frunk Bar is easy to hold and comfortable to vape. The cylinder design has a soft grip coating, so it's unlikely to slip out of your hand. The mouthpiece, being oval-shaped, is comfortable on the lips, too. An efficient battery and improved mesh coil are housed inside the attractive exterior, delivering up to 600 flavour-filled puffs. Above the battery is a pod which contains the e-liquid. The liquid is an e-liquid with a salt-nicotine base. This ensures the flavours are bold, dominant, and complete, as the salt doesn't taint or create harshness. This also provides a smooth, fast delivery as the nicotine absorbs into the body faster than traditional nicotine.

The Frunk Bar disposables use a method of delivery called mouth-to-lung (MTL), which simulates a similar feeling to how a cigarette is drawn in. Due to the technology inside, as you inhale, the device automatically turns on to deliver a breath of vape until you stop. Then, it auto switches off, meaning you will save delicious flavour-filled puffs. Due to this tech, there are no buttons, settings to adjust, batteries to charge, or tanks to refill. It's easy, simple, and reliable. Just open and go.

  • Manufactured by Frunk Bar
  • modern¬†cylinder design with an oval mouthpiece
  • Updated Mesh Coil
  • bold¬† flavours
  • 20mg nic strength
  • up to 600 tasty puffs
  • TPD compliance approved

Customer Reviews

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Lorien Dorking
Odd taste

I usually love apple but I found this a bit odd.
Great strength and lasted a good amount of puffs so just not my flavour