Elf Bar NC600 Disposable E-Cig (upto 600 Puffs)


Elf Bar is one of the most popular devices that produce disposables, the flavours are sweet and have loads of taste, this new NC600 range has a few extra flavours to the other ranges.

The device holds 2ml of 20mg salt e-liquid and has a built-in 400mah battery.

I have tried the raspberry energy and it's a great flavour. Well worth a try. Also tried the vanilla yoghurt and that is a great flavour as well, it's not often you can taste vanilla how it should be.

The bad point with these is that they are rated at 600 puffs, they don't last as long as the original Elf Bar, I would say closer to 400 puffs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elf bar NC600 Raspberry

nice vape to hold and use and it had a nice strong raspberry flavour but a bit sweet for me. I prefer blue raspberry this one i found a bit sickly but if you've a sweet tooth this ones for you. Lifespan again great just a bit too sweet, raspberry is a strange one on its own its always usually mixed with another berry and i now know why.

elf bar NC600 strawberry yoghurt

Nice neat little vape, nice clean strong puff no faults there. Im just not a fan of yoghurt. I tried it once before in a e-liquid but thought id give it one more go on a disposible and although its got a good strong flavour its just not to my liking. Id prefer to buy the yoghurt free next time. no lifespan problems lasted well.

Kelly Hardie
Yummy but short lasting

This is not reflective of the company, they are fabulous, just the vape.
I love the elf bars so was excited to try a new range of flavours. A normal elf bar lasts me two days and that's puffing on it quite a lot but unfortunately this wasn't even lasting an entire day which is disappointing as the raspberry, and the strawberry, were both fab. Probably would just get the normal elfbar in future, same price and lasts twice as long