Flavourmonks Story

Since the start of Flavormonks, 3 years ago, people asked me to develop tobacco flavors. I refused this for a long time because it is very hard to develop a decent tobacco flavor. For most of us, ex-smokers, we know how tobacco taste. If we want to vape a tobacco flavor, we don't want to compromise. 

About a year ago I decided to take on the challenge. Besides all the great flavors we have at Flavormonks, it was very clear that we missed a tobacco line. My first goal was to make a tobacco flavor with a neutral tobacco taste. I failed huge in the first weeks. I totally forgot the taste of a cigarette. Although I've quit smoking when I started to vape six years ago, I bought some cigarettes and light one up. A weird, disgusting taste and coughing was the result. But the taste of tobacco came back and it helped me a lot to make a neutral tobacco flavor. Huge success. 

The first Tobacco Bastards was born, No. 37 Original. With this neutral flavor, very versatile, I had a great starting point to develop more great tobacco flavors. I wanted to cover all the tobacco flavors, so the next one was Tobacco Bastards Dark Fire. A very smokey, full bodied tobacco flavor. On the other side of the taste line I made No. 33, a light tobacco flavor. So, we had neutral, dark and light.

Besides these 3 basic flavors I wanted some tobacco flavors with an extra flavor. First I wanted a flavor to enjoy in the evening or at night. So I've made No. 13 Cohiba, a great cigar taste. Followed by No. 09 Bourbon (my favorite ADV) and No. 29 Coffee, great to vape in the morning.

To complete the full line of Tobacco Bastards we will launch soon the Tobacco Bastards Mint. And I am still working on two other Tobacco Bastards flavors that will be launched before december. 

In my humble opinion, we now have a complete line with world class tobacco flavors. In the few months we are on the market Tobacco Bastards is being sold all over Europe.