Rainbowvapes e-liquid

Bursting with flavour, our selection of e-liquids provide some of the most satisfying vaping you'll find anywhere. A 40vg 60pg base provides the perfect backdrop for those all-important taste notes to shine through. Whether you favour a sweet vape or prefer traditional tobacco, mint options or fruity e-liquids, we've got something suitable. Sizes range from 60ml to 500ml. Our goal is to offer definitive flavours that are palatable and moreish! If you like a mint vape that's really minty or a berry vape where you can taste the fruit, our e-liquids are for you. Why not try blackcurrant lemonade with a touch of ice?

Latest e-liquid

Fresh e-liquids are always coming on to the market: we make it our business to stay updated on new arrivals, constantly revisiting our stock to ensure that when it comes to the best newcomers, we're ahead of the game. Whether you're an experienced vaper who's looking for an exciting hit, or a new vaper who wants to sample the e-liquids which are on-trend at the moment, our selection of the latest e-liquid combinations is going to appeal. With show stopping flavours and some vapes that offer a truly spectacular user experience, take a look at the most recent e-liquid offerings.

Salt e-liquid

Do you prefer an ultra-smooth vape? Made from nicotine salts, salt e-liquid delivers a powerful nicotine punch at the same time as providing a vape that's gentle on the throat and packed full of delicious flavour. We have dozens of different salt e-liquids on offer, including products from VGod, Dr Frost, Salt Fizz and Doozy. Whether you prefer a fruity blend, relish the bite of a menthol vape or prefer to vape your dessert with a sweetly flavoured inhalation, there is a salt e-liquid out there that will suit. Have you tried apple bubble gum?

Cheap e-liquid

If you want to vape on a budget without losing out on flavour or performance, something from our selection of cheap e-liquid is ideal. All the e-liquids in our sale collection are quality products that are on sale for less than the RRP, either because they are just past their "use by" date or because we have a surplus of stock. Buy premium brands from well-known manufacturers to enjoy great vaping on a budget. Like a bargain? Our cheap e-liquid allows you to enjoy delicious vaping for far less than you might think.