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Long lasting

These last a good couple of days. I got a Bubblegum as trying to find a basic Bubblegum flavour seems to be difficult, it's nice but not the best flavour. However I will be trying more in future so hopefully their other flavours are better :)

Love these!

These are second favourite to the elf bars. They last me a couple of days and flavours are fab. So far I've had Mixed Berry, sweet cherry, fantasia grape, and pineapple Berry and they've all been lovely


Classic, love these mods - simple but extremely effective. Had one some years ago but never been able to find another until now. Tempted to buy a few more.


Annoying child-proof mechanisms but OK vape, bargain for 8 quid.

Smok scar puff 5

Brilliant , excellent . machine
Nicotine with wonderful flavour
A perfect puff from smok scar p5
At a unbeatable price .
Quality service experience from rainbow vapes

Yummy but short lasting

This is not reflective of the company, they are fabulous, just the vape.
I love the elf bars so was excited to try a new range of flavours. A normal elf bar lasts me two days and that's puffing on it quite a lot but unfortunately this wasn't even lasting an entire day which is disappointing as the raspberry, and the strawberry, were both fab. Probably would just get the normal elfbar in future, same price and lasts twice as long

Great flavour

Great tasting juice this one. Best custard flavour I've tried.
Excellent service from rainbowvapes, love this company.

solo+rainbow candy,citrus mix.

firstly,im not a citrus fan so the citrus mix wasnt for me,had ice in it as most of the solo bars do but dont always mention that, tasted mainly of orange and bit bitter for me. rainbow candy i assumed was a skittles flavopur, not like skittles at all to me, it was very citrus like too and bitter i prefer it sweeter. both these flavours were mainly orange and although i wasnt too ken on these 2 flavours most of the solo bars are really nice, terrific price here at rainbow,infact cheapest ive seen around, the prices ive seen have been £5.99 or £6.99

pick it mix it disposible-strawberry laces.

i had been wanting to try these since seeing them in rainbows site. i wanted fruit salad but i accidently pressed strawberry laces (my fault) when i noticed the flavour i wasnt too disappointed as i like the strawberry lace flavours ive tried in e-liquids and salts. I was disappointed in this vape, there wasnt much of a strawberry flavour at all and the shape made it hard to puff on. No fizz or sharpness to it as laces are meant to be covered in sherbet id have been happy just to have had a decent strawberry flavour. not one ill be ordering again.also it didnt last as long as it should have no where near 600 puffs.

One of my favourite flavours 🤘🏻

vowl kit

price was ridiculous compaired to others i viewed,only downside was it was only available in black as the other colours are really bright and funky. its a disposible tank,which are quite difficult to get, i think my tank maybe faulty as the flavours been burnt and bit strange since buying the kit. im going to buy a different tank and hope that this does the trick first before i purchase any presco tanks which are whats included in the tank, fingers crossed it wiill fit and do the trick, nice size and great little kit apart from the tank, james try supplying more tanks and pods of the vapes you sell,i hate going elsewhere rainbow vapes is the best out there by far.

Innevape-carousel cotton candy.

this e liquid has a flavored nicotine shot included in the box,first time ive ever saw this in any ive bought. i quite like the liquifd but its not sweet enough for me, i prefer a really sweet pink cotton candy. saying this i would definately buy again as its a pleasant all day vape and ive been using it regulary since buying it. give it a try its a nice liquid. great value.

Ultimate bar-The monster.

This is th first time ive tried an energy flavour and ill admit it, im hooked. Flavour was amazing only downside it didnt last very long. Ive ordered another and same flavour in a different brand but if u like energy drinks try this bar you wont be able to put it down, ive just ordered more cant wait to get it hehe. Impressed with design nice sleek little vape.. If it lasted longer id try the other flavours.

tito nano strawberry sherbet

Nice little vape ffor the price, was disappointed though as you could slightly taste the strawberry but as for the sherbet i didnt get any fizz coming through at all. Im going to try one more just to find out if the other flavours are more flavoursome and not so bland, im trying a fruit and another sherbet so ill keep you posted.

Elux- Cotton candy.

Cant recommend these little vapes enough but i just want to review the flavour of this one. I was a bit confused at first as I didnt really think it tasted of cotton candy, to me it was more like a candy watermelon flavour. My husband and friend tried it and they says it tasted like cotton candy you would get at the shows. I love the solo sweet cotton candy and maybe I just got thought it would b the same taste but apart from this vape lasting longer than any ive tried so far and the one ive been most impressed with I was slightly disappointed it wasnt as sweet as id have liked but after 1 week of good daily use its still going strong.. Im looking forward to my next lot and ill keep you posted on all the flavours, try it you'll not buy another vape so tasty and such good value.


Ive tried several disposible vapes and have been using them now for nearly a year, they were difficult to buy in the shops and if you did come across any,there was only half a dozen flavours. Ive recently been smoking solo+ and elf bars as they are the most common but recently on rainbow vapes the variety of types and flavours have been amazing. I ordered several different types ijn my last order and 2 of the bars were the elux. I must say i am very impressed, the whole vpe from the packaging to the design to flavour and the smokoing time is brilliant. I will be honest and say these vapes are the best ive tried as yet. The strawberry🍓 i did find a bit weak but the watermelon 🍉 was a lovely sweet flavour, the bubblegum part wasnt the sweet gum but a lovely candy minty bubblegum, not ion anywy menthol you coulf tell it was bubblegum. 5 stars and im a fan and ordering more now. James you were spot on with your review,lovely little smart vape, try it if you like disposible i promise you'll be hooked.


Lime Prime = Sublime!

Wow, beautiful flavour on the lime, slight koolada/menthol hit on the inhail. Very nice indeed, will definately buy again and try some others from the same range.

A little disappointed (Dragon Fruit)

After having tried a couple of these, I thought I'd give Dragon Fruit a go. The entire 100ml didn't burn out the coil which was great, but the juice was somewhat lacking flavour. Not sure if it was perhaps a bit faded, or that was the intended flavour, but after a day or so it just tasted like a very mild sweet flavour...

Great Vapes-Great Price-Great Service

Title says it all really. Have ordered a couple of times a number of vapes and have to say they are great value for money. Good quality and good price. Had one vape which was faulty and wanted to let the customer service know, more to see the kind of response than getting a replacement/refund. The response was 5 star. I simply replied to the order by email and I got a response, as well as a refund in less than an hour! Even considered the cost of returning not being viable given the small amount involved. Would definitely recommend and intend to make it my go to for vapes. Keep up the great service Paul 👍🏽

Nicotine shot 50vg 50pg 10ml 18mg
lewis davies-morris

Very happy with products from rainbow vapes


Excellent quality and good service from rainbow vapes


The vape is good In every way but it is quite small and I don’t think it can do 600 puffs


Good mint flavour and as usual great service from James. Will buy again