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Awesome Heisen

I always used to buy VV Heisenberg but since trying this one I see no reason to go back. I prefer this one and the price is fantastic - coupled with the service RainbowVapes provides I think I'll keep buying this forever. My only tiny criticism is that it's a clear liquid rather than the blue that most Heisen's are, but it's just cosmetic and taste is king after all!


Hummmm im little disappointed at this one so far iv steeped for two weeks and it tastes like cardbord, im hopeful it will be better after few more weeks steeping if not its getting binned:-(
Iv given 3stars because rainbow vapes good shopping experience not as the concentrate only deserves half maybe 1 on a tight budget so feeling like iv wasted 9.99&my vg,pg&nic.
IF this juice dose get better i WILL adjust my review accordingly,Sorry but i been vaping 6+yrs mixin for 5yrs and very let down by this one

Cornish custard

A very nice custard with devon cream i mix at 20-22% 75vg a good 4-8week steep and its so MORE-ish
As always top class service from rainbowvapes hence 5stars

O.G Strawberry

I used to rely heavily on this Strawberry until I got a bit of vapers fatigue from over use, (mixing with other Strawberries help). So now I watch out for the dreaded vapers tongue but when I can taste it I still love it. Very versatile and forgiving flavour.

Jam it up

Very strong flavour but a beautiful addition in low percentages 0.5-1% to really accentuate and add a touch of jam. Nothing like candy/jammy wizard f.a which is much more candy than jammy. Like many flavorah concentrates when they're good they're really good.

Great pineapple

Very authentic pineapple and useful for adding either a touch of the tropical or strong enough to be the main flavour. Not as candy like as tpa but more versatile.

Smooth flavour

Not overly powerful, but missed if not included in a recipe. Smooth, subtle flavour of coconut on the exhale.

A must have

If youve been looking for a great coconut flavouring for your ejuice, youve found it here. Thought id gone taste blind with coconut until i stumbled across an ELR recipe that used this as the main flavouring and the FA coconut to prop it up a smidge. BOOM, fantastic coconutty flavour which would not have been possible without this banger! Def another must have for your flavour collection.

Great flavour

Used in several ejuice mixes to add that little twang of coconut. Also dripped some into my cuban drink after reading someone added it to their can of Monster. Very nice on both accounts. Def one to have in tour flavour arsenal.

lovely stuff'

a very nice warm bakery type peach works well mixed with juicy peach'
Lovely Stuff'. recommend buy & try... 5 stars

Fantastic Berry Blend...

Fantastic flavour. cant get enough of this'. i love it..
.I'm sure this is Flavour Art' Re'branded & bottled
at half the price'. you can't go wrong'
highly recommend' Buy & Try.. Top Notch Flavour..

Top Notch'

really good cheesecake' smooth & creamy
the best so far .. I don't Think I will Be Using anything else' from now on.
its better than any other cheesecake 'on the market. recommend ' buy & try'. top notch'...

not bad but need to use a lot

This is a nice flavour although think that razzleberry by fw is nicer. Had to mix at high percentage tho to get the best out of it. 20%

nice flavour

Like this flavour i am gradually working my way through the fruit flavours. Tastes more of raspberry than blackberry but has nice taste. Mixed at 16% found less than that was to weak.

Flavor west strawberry kiwi

Very nice taste not overly sweet

Really Nice!

A really nice flavour!
I used this in a 50ml bottle at 20%. It has a really nice fruit flavour that compliments the ice cooling.
If you like summer fruit and ice(cooling) then I'd recommend this!

Currently waiting for it to come back in stock.

It’s a base for three delicious juices

Try these recipes - as a base - 10% Mojito and 8% tfa strawberry and 0.5% of tfa koolada
If you leave as is, it’s a super sour mojito and it makes my arm hairs stand on end, yep that sour
If you then add 0.5% of Capella super sweet, it’s my preferred mojito and you can really taste the rum mmmm
If you take out the koolada and increase the super sweet to 1%, you get a glass of flat 7UP
I love all three flavours and all are incredibly lip smackingly delicious and refreshing !


Strong chocolate flavour goes great with Real Flavours Bakalava and a cream flavour for chocolate honey nut

Rich Cinnamon

Firstly this is an extremely strong concentrate so I would advise making a dilution of around 10% or adding no more than one drop per 10-15ml. Now for the flavour,this is likely to be the best cinnamon flavour on the market for vaping,it is a realistic soft cinnamon without any heat or metallic notes that some of the others have and is perfect for bakeries etc. I am absolutely delighted with the price that I paid here for this flavour as it’s normally very expensive everywhere else and I don’t think I would have paid the high price for it in the first place. Thank you Rainbow Vapes for charging such a very reasonable price for this high quality product.

Really Good

After seeing the price of this on here and watching the enthusiasm of 3 Cockney geezers on YouTube, I decided I would give this liquid a try. I must say that I was absolutely blown away. This taste just like a freshly baked lemon drizzle cake and I will definitely be ordering it again. If baked goods is your thing then you should give this a try.

Quality: 5
Value for money: 5

Under rated great for finishing a mix

Quality: 5
Value for money: 5

Strong flavour use at low %

Quality: 5
Value for money: 5

Great flavour excellent service

Quality: 5
Value for money: 5

Great concentrate

Quality: 5
Value for money: 5

Don’t like cereal flavours