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Its not a genuine liquid

I bought it twice from this site and it doesn't taste like dragon fruit. I can taste coconut in it so that means some other flavours has been used to mix this one. I've had it from different shop and there was no taste of a coconut in it. Overall flavour not too bad but not what suposed to be.


Excellent aniseed flavour at a great price. Always fast shipping from Rainbowvapes too.

Mixed at 10% you get a real Irish Cream, almost like that well know cream liquer. Has a strong whiskey/alcohol part, which may not be for everyone. Maybe some creams would make it even smoother.

Mixed at 10%
A really nice ripe but not overripe banana, followed by some caramel/burnt sugar. Personally i would love a bit less of the "flambee-part", but overall a great Flavour, can't go wrong at that price

Not sure

Not really impressed with this one. The nut and toast flavour tasted burnt or overdone somehow. I know taste is subjective but it's not one I would buy again.


Not as good as TFA strawberry ripe but still really good


Amazing with sugar Cookie and cheesecake Graham crust ❤


This consecrate is amazing I like it on it's own, but is in all of my recipe,s and would highly recommend this to everyone.

INW blackcurrant

one of me faves either with other flavours or as a stand alone


Love this juice it’s really smooth and the taste is punchy :)

I love Liquid Barn

I use this in my Pink Lemonade and in my opinion and its essential delicious sherbet experience and sure other uses will arise


Didn't realise high vg BUT works well in pods the flavour is real, natural & not overbearing, if available lower vg will definitely use again


Big fan of 5 pawns Queenside but wanted try something with bit more oomph..added 5 drops to ready made 50/50 freebase citrus & the sun came out, not fake just natural & strong blood orange notes

Taste test

1st time nic salt user.. v nice, smooth, bit concerned it's 10mg ( 6mg freebase usually) and this is good intro will get again..the taste authentic & natural, currently switching down to small pods & works really well

Quick delivery

great flavour for a cranberry and apple, just 1% is all you need

Good Stuff

Mix with Blueberry,my favorite

Really Sweet

I use this in many of my cake recipes in small amounts as it adds a nice sweet bakery taste to it.

Really Nice

I really like this one of my favourite flavours I use it as a main flavour in some of my recipes as it's just so nice,

Nice taste but very weak

So i tried many different % and found 5% is about as it gets. Any less than 5% and it's just to weak but any more and it gets way to bitter. Even at 5% it's very mild it's nice a hint to a overal recipe.

Cheap juice.

Great liquid cant go wrong at 29p for 10ml. So I bought ten of them. Nice.

Great value

Nice liquid
Will be getting again

Nic salts

Love it. Never tried salt nicotine before and I was impressed with how much more satisfying than regular e juice. Smooth throat hit too.

Very nice

The flavour I go from this was incredible. Love the custard on the inhale with cereal and caramel on the exhale. Scrumptious!! Fast delivery too!


liquid A1 quality
the service very good

Happy Bluerazz

Absolutely fantastic, will probably order more!