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Nice black jack type flavour

Very nice highly recommend

Mixed this at 5% 70/30 vg pg steeped for nearly 3 weeks now and this is very nice only problem is I don’t get much pie it is light however this is still a very nice flavour and very smooth not harsh like some you can buy I highly recommend well done rainbow vapes I think this is one of your better flavours

Great flavour.

Great flavour and prompt delivery. Always fantastic service.


My order arrived very quickly and the prices are very affordable. Great site

Dx Bavarian cream

Lovely cream flavour and adds to most cereal and desert flavours. Good in tobacco mixes as well.

Fruit circles

I personally hate the stuff but a lot of people don't as taste is individual, ideal cereal base but don't use too high % or will end up lemony. Needs to steep for a couple of weeks to tone down lemon if high % used.

Whipped cream

Good to include in cereal mixes, gives slight fluffyness to mix

Great juice to vape hope rainbowvapes will have this one and all the other full moon in stock always please.

Powerhouse mod! Insane low price!

At this price this is a no brainer.... IF...... You don't mind a heavy mod, this will last for about 3 days between charges.
And kudos to Rainbowvapes as always for amazingly fast delivery 👍 keep up the great service guys!

Not great

Mixed this at 70/30 vg pg at 5% steeped for 2 weeks and I don’t get any custard flavour at all just doughnut and although the doughnut taste good it’s very harsh on my throat it burns and I recently just changed my coil as well so I know it’s not that I think it’s just the flavour it needs to be smoother I had a similar problem with FA zepolla which I suspect is what’s in this concentrate it tastes the same to me and has the same problems it’s just harsh for me and quite bitter tasting sorry rainbow vapes this is just not for me

Been ordering from Rainbowvapes for some time, great service with an awesome selection. My fav is the Red Berry Blast Minted Cloud Chaser will be placing another order soon. Keep up the great work

Good jam donut

Good jam donut, but I prefer it mixed with a small amount of just jam donut concentrate.

Should have been better.

I get a slight orange taste and plenty of sugar. Not my thing.

Tried Better

Not so great I'm afraid. I get a strange taste that's hard to describe.

Great product

This brand is top noch!

WF butterscotch cream pie

Have tried to edit my previous review, with no success. Although this is a good, full bodied flavour, it is really heavy on bavarian cream and needs some taming. The butterscotch also needs help.

WF are really knocking the ball out of the park these days. Nearly all of their flavours are on point, and inexpensive. This is no exception. Great flavour.

Delicious, juicy peach. Mixes well with TPA Nectarine and FA Apricot for a great peach flavour.

JF Biscuit

Better than INW. Seems to blend better with other flavours. A must have, imo.

Killer Kustard Strawberry

Nice vape. Not overly sweet, just to my liking. Pleasant strawberry inhale with nice custard on the exhale.


Nice flavours and good price

vengers mango cream

this juice is bangin.....love this stuff will be ordering more

Good flavor will be order again for my fiance thanks

Excellent flavour

Really nice strong cola taste. By far my best liquid and only liquid I vape.