50 Shades Of Vape The Whip (Le Cravache) Flavour Concentrate

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Succumb to a creamy blend of sour and creamy fruit cereals,

Its slight touch of banana will round this ennivening mixture.

Attention, extremely addictive!

Concentrated flavor mixture, to be diluted in a PG / VG base of your choice.

Recommended Dosages:


These recommendations are of course adaptable to your tastes and desires.

For a base in 50/50 PG / VG: 17%

For a base in 100% VG: 20%



The steeping is a period of rest necessary for your mixture to be homogeneous and that the flavors have time to reveal themselves.

On this liquid we recommend a steeping of at least 5 days for a base in 50/50 PG / VG. On bases with high VG content it is recommended to double this time.

Chef's Tip: For a sweeter sensation, you can add 1% sweetener to your mix.

Information: on this concentrate, in the case of a high concentration of LV, it happens that the mixture is slightly turbid, it is quite normal, the banana flavor used can dissolve badly with the LV. You can consume it without any worries.

Help Table:


Dosage Steeping
50/50 17% 5 days
100VG 20% 10 days