50 Shades Of Vape The Submissive (Le soumis) Flavour Concentrate



Imagine a piece of yoghurt cake, topped with a light cream

Patissière, a few fresh and tart strawberries and a

Maple syrup fillet lightly coat the whole. A delicacy

Which breathes lust and pleasure. Very greedy, never disgusting!

Concentrated flavor mixture, to be diluted in a PG / VG base of your choice.

Recommended Dosages:


These recommendations are of course adaptable to your tastes and desires.

For a base in 50/50 PG / VG: 15%

For a base in 100% VG: 17%



The steeping is a period of rest necessary for your mixture to be homogeneous and that the flavors have time to reveal themselves.

On this liquid we recommend a steeping of at least 5 days for a base in 50/50 PG / VG. On bases with high VG content it is recommended to double this time.

Chef's Tip: For a sweeter sensation, you can add 1% sweetener to your mix.

Help Table:


Dosage Steeping
50/50 15% 5 days
100VG 17% 10 days