Apple (Tart Granny Smith) Flavoured Flavour Apprentice Liquid concentrate CLOSE TO OR PASSED BEST BEFORE DATES

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Apple Granny Smith flavour concentrate for e-liquid is a fantastic essence that captures the tart and zesty taste of Granny Smith apples. It's like vaping the crisp, green apple goodness of this classic variety.

This concentrate is perfect for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts who want to bring a tangy and refreshing apple experience to their vaping. It imparts the distinctive tartness and vibrant green apple flavour of Granny Smith apples to your e-liquid concoctions, making it an excellent choice for those who crave that unique apple profile.

Whether you're creating your own e-liquids or experimenting with flavour combinations, Apple Granny Smith flavour concentrate lets you enjoy the authentic taste of these iconic apples in your vape. Just a few drops of this concentrate can turn your e-liquid base into a zesty and invigorating vape, perfect for fans of Granny Smith apples.


*Please note that this flavor can have a harmful effect on plastics.

*** Note: This flavor contains 'custard' ingredients: Acetoin & Acetylpropionyl.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol, bit of Ethyl Alcohol

Customer Reviews

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Piotr Byszuk
u try u order 50 ml no regret

i was looking for that type of concentrate . my mix with honey but this was main note . REALLY STRONG but not ruining recipes

it's good

but not for me, mixed it with a lot of different fruit flavors and didn't work for me. maybe try some custards

Tilah gould
Does what it sais

This deffo tastes of apple good mixed with pies and also other fruits