Blueberry Pomegranate by Capella In Glass Bottle


What Do I Receive

  • 10ml Glass bottle with an aluminium cap
  • 10ml of Capella Flavouring


What are the benefits of using glass bottles compared to plastic bottles?

  • Glass bottles are environmentally friendly, as glass can be re-used and also recycled several times.
  • Glass bottles can be sterilised.
  • Flavour concentrates keep much longer in glass bottles.
  • The bottles are brown which helps to protect the liquid against UV light exposure.
  • Easier to access when using a syringe.
  • Once used there is an option for you to buy a cap with an integrated glass dropper. 


What are the disadvantages of using glass instead of plastic bottles?

  • The cost, glass bottles cost more to buy and weigh over twice as much as plastic ones, We have kept the price down for our customers as much as we can.
  • Glass can break. We tested these bottles by dropping them from a 10ft height onto concrete, the bottles remained intact.