Blueberry Shortfill E-Liquid by The Pancake Factory 50ml (BB 08/2022)

Blueberry shortfill e-liquid by The Pancake Factory pairs freshly cooked pancakes with a stack of pancakes, delivering the flavour of rich, cakey butteriness with a kick of ripe blueberries sweetened into a syrupy compote. It is a delicious pancake flavour that's guilt-free and very chunky tasting.

The pancake factory is eye-catching due to the decadent image of warm pancakes that grace the bottle. The 60ml shortfill bottle contains 50ml of juice. If you like, you can pop a 10ml nicotine shot. Add an 18mg shot and create a 3mg mix; add a 9mg shot for a 1.5mg e-liquid, or you can vape it as 0mg juice. We supply nicotine shots for free, unlike many other retailers that will charge for the service. A further option is the choice of nicotine salt, which produces a more rapid hit to your cravings while not interfering with the flavour.

The Pancake Factory delivers a choice of 5 pancake-inspired vapes. Each offers a perfectly cooked pancake drizzled with the flavour of your choice: fresh blueberry jam, lemon soufflé, apple cinnamon, or Snickers. The choice is yours. Guilt-free pleasure awaits you with this sweet dessert vape, which will wake you up in the morning. These all come with free nicotine shots, compliments of Rainbowvapes.

  • 60ml bottle¬†with 50ml of liquid inside
  • A 10ml nicotine shot can be added
  • Select from 0mg, 1.5mg and 3mg
  • a nicotine shot is free of charge
  • 70% VG 30 PG blend
  • Good for¬†sub-ohm devices and tanks
  • created in the USA by¬†Twist
  • Sealed top that is tamper-evident

Customer Reviews

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John W.
They back in stock again yay

This has to be my absolute fav blueberry pancakes flavour. I still have big stock of these, but making sure to order more. Doesn't matter if out of day by 2 years, they are worth it. Still taste lovely. It's not overpowering with the blueberries either, it's just right. Coils last well with this one, always has. I am so glad rainbow wapes has more of them again. Very much recommended, if you enjoy pancake flavours.