Brain wave Cloud Chaser Eliquid 60ml by Rainbowvapes

Nicotine content

Brain wave Cloud Chaser Eliquid 60ml

This vape has an unusual taste, hard to describe unless you have had grenadine, the sweetness of the pomegranate gives the eliquid a sweet taste.

  • Flavours: pomegranate and grenadine
  • Bottle Size: 60ml
  • Liquid Content: 60ml (Including Nicotine Shots)
  • Base: 80vg/20pg
  • Includes a free Nicotine Shot

What you get

 The 0mg is ready to go, 60ml bottle full

The 3mg comes as 50ml of Eliquid and a 10ml Nicotine shot - 60ml bottle

The 6mg comes as 40ml with 2 nicotine shots - 60ml bottle

The 12mg comes as 20ml with 4 nicotine shots -60ml bottle

The end mix will vary slightly from the 40vg/60pg mix due to the nicotine being 50vg 50pg but will be hardly noticeable. 

Once the nicotine shots have been added to the 60ml bottle, just shake for 15-20 seconds and your Eliquid is ready.


Customer Reviews

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Fruit with menthol :)

A lovely fruit hit with just a delicate menthol, took a couple of tanks for me to really find the flavour. Now one of my go to juices.