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The wonderful taste of Butterscotch Ripple.

Butterscotch Ripple Water Soluble Flavoring. Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavoring and Propylene Glycol. USP Kosher Grade Flavoring. Usage Rate 15-20% for E-use. Color Level: Clear. Independently laboratory tested Diacetyl free. Flavor Profile: Butterscotch Ice Cream Flavor.

Bottle size : 10ml

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Julie Wayland

Great site, speedy delivery

Gill Gilchrist
Class A aroma

This has replaced most my butterscotch in recipes, buttery creamy smooth with tons of flavour, you get the caramel it's right up front in this then you get the smooth buttery creamy flavour, this flavour goes without saying a must have if looking at butterscotch flavours , . Custards love this flavour and this flavour paired with custard is mouthwatering

Hugely versatile , great soft cracked caramel,

One of the best soft cracked caramels. Buttery , really nice and rich caramel .It can be vapes snv, but gets a lil more body in 2-3 days. Use at 2-3% for a solid caramel note that can also be supported by other caramel notess, or push it up to 4-6% for something like a butterscotch. It is not exactly a butterscotch, its more like a caramel and butter but it can be easily filled with many creams. Always get it at an at least 30ml bolltle, you will be surprized about how fast roy will run it down. Clearly fw`s best flavoring. I never feel safe if i have less than 30ml from this flavoring.

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