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Rainbowvapes Intense After 7.59 Chocolate Mint Thins Flavour Concentrate is a delightful addition to your DIY e-liquid collection, offering the indulgent and refreshing taste of chocolate mint thins. This concentrate captures the essence of this beloved treat, making it a perfect choice for vapers in the UK who crave the combination of smooth dark chocolate and cool mint.

Here's a detailed description of Rainbowvapes Intense Chocolate Mint Thins Flavour Concentrate:

1. Classic Chocolate Mint: This concentrate faithfully recreates the iconic taste of chocolate mint thins. It combines the rich, velvety flavour of dark chocolate with the invigorating and refreshing essence of mint. The result is a well-balanced and harmonious blend that closely mimics the real thing.

2. Minty Freshness: The mint flavour in this concentrate is pleasantly cool and invigorating, just like the minty filling found in chocolate mint thins. It provides a refreshing sensation that complements the richness of the dark chocolate.

3. Dark Chocolate Indulgence: Rainbowvapes Intense Chocolate Mint Thins captures the essence of dark chocolate with its slightly bitter and deeply indulgent chocolate notes. It's not overly sweet, allowing the dark chocolate to shine through.

4. Versatile Usage: This concentrate offers versatility in crafting your DIY e-liquids:

  • Chocolate Mint Thins Classic: Use this concentrate as the primary flavour to create a standalone chocolate mint thins e-liquid. It's perfect for vapers who want to enjoy the familiar taste of this classic treat.

  • Dessert Blends: Rainbowvapes Intense Chocolate Mint Thins pairs exceptionally well with dessert and creamy flavours. You can experiment with blending it with vanilla, cream, or other dessert-inspired concentrates to create complex and indulgent dessert vapes.

  • Creative Creations: Advanced DIY vapers can use this concentrate as a foundational element for crafting unique and gourmet e-liquids. Combine it with complementary flavours to create custom chocolate-mint recipes.

5. High-Quality Ingredients: Rainbowvapes is known for using high-quality ingredients in their concentrates, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the chocolate mint flavour.

6. DIY Freedom: With this concentrate, you have the freedom to adjust the concentration to match your taste preferences. Whether you prefer a stronger mint or chocolate flavour, you can customize your e-liquids accordingly.

7. Ideal for Chocolate Mint Lovers: If you're a fan of the classic combination of chocolate and mint, Rainbowvapes Intense Chocolate Mint Thins is a must-try. It offers the perfect balance of dark chocolate richness and minty freshness.

8. Indulgent Treat: Whether you're seeking to satisfy your cravings for chocolate mint thins or looking for a dessert-inspired vape, this concentrate delivers an indulgent and satisfying chocolate mint thins experience.

In summary, Rainbowvapes Intense Chocolate Mint Thins Flavour Concentrate is an excellent choice for DIY vapers in the UK who appreciate the luxurious and refreshing combination of dark chocolate and mint. Whether you're creating a straightforward chocolate mint thins vape, experimenting with dessert blends, or crafting your unique chocolate-mint creations, this concentrate provides the rich and minty taste of the beloved chocolate mint thins. Its versatility, authentic flavour, and indulgent profile make it an excellent option for vapers who enjoy the delightful pairing of dark chocolate and mint in their e-liquids.

(mix between 3-5%)



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david isaac
Premium concentrate

I've always liked creme de menthe eliquid. Many reviews elsewhere say it should be part of a mix and it's bitter by itself. I disagree, it is perfect by itself and its the only thing that can keep me away from the menthol roll ups I used to smoke because it's really minty and sweet as well. I mix this at 14%. It tastes a bit more premium than the other brands and doesn't work out any more expensive as the other brands I used to mix at 30%. I know my concentrations sound excessive but this stuff is lovely when it's really really minty.