Dinner Lady Disposable E-Cigs (400 Puffs) £4.79

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Dinner lady has some great flavours in these disposable vape pens, there is 14 flavour, and you will get up to 400 puffs per device.

We have tried all flavours, and our reviews are below

Banana Ice - A decent banana, not as sweet as other disposables that I have tried, but still good; the ice effect is mild.

Blue Menthol: This is Dinner Lady's version of Hizn; you won't be disappointed with this.

Bubblegum Ice - really good bubblegum, with a mild ice effect, well worth a try.

Fresh Menthol - just a menthol, fairly basic but is, after all, just a menthol.

Fruit Mix - tastes like raspberry and strawberries and grapes, a deliciously sweet and fruity taste, one of my favourites out of the range.

Lemon Tart - we all know this one, as good in this device as any other.

Lemon Sherbets Ice: A delicious lemon, can almost taste the fizz, well worth a buy.

Mango Ice - a good mango, not as Caribbean as some I have tried but still good comes with a mild ice effect.

Pink Berry - probably the one I like the least; it tastes fruity but has a single bite and seems bitter. (could just be me, let us know what you think)?

Smooth Tobacco - not bad, has a slight deepness to it.

Strawberry Ice - this is a decent strawberry with mild ice.

Strawberry Macaroon - I quite like this. Even though I'm not a dessert lover, it works well.

Tropic Chill - this is a quality tropical flavour with mild ice, a good vape.

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dinner ladies vape pen,lemon sherbet,lemon tart,straw macaroon

These were one of the first disposible vapes i tried when i started vaping and buying my items online. I tried the lemon tart,now im not a desert person but you have to give this flavour credit. The taste of the pastry,the lemon curd inside the tart and a creamy taste also were all very well presented in this vape so i unexpectedly enjoyed this flavour,strawberry macaroon also was similar in the description,the pastry the only difference was the flavour was strawberry but very well put together flavours. I lastly tried the lemon sherbet, it was a sweet sherbet with not too bitter a lemon taste so i enjoyed this lemon sherbet flavour and to this day it s by far the best lemon sherbet flavour ive tried,and ive tried several brands. The vape itself is long pencil thin,metalic,no problems with the lifespan on any of these vapes and got a decent smoke so id recommend this particular dinner lady vape although they do have another type out now on the market with a 800 puff lifespan and 18-20+ different flavours,but dont expect the same taste,quality and perfomance as id not recommend the 800 puff model,its harsh, flavourless and spits the liquid into your mouth nearly each puff. This one id recommend a try,granted its not got as long a lifespan but when it comes to the flavour it beats its newer model hands down.....

Amber Willis
Poor taste

The taste isn't very nice, it's kinda like a cheap gum taste