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Rainbowvapes Intense Donut Flavour Concentrate is a delightful and indulgent flavouring option for e-liquid enthusiasts in the UK. This concentrate captures the essence of a freshly baked donut, complete with its sweet, doughy, and slightly fried characteristics. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a comforting and dessert-inspired vaping experience.

Here's a detailed description of Rainbowvapes Intense Donut Flavour Concentrate:

1. Donut Heaven: The primary flavour profile of this concentrate is the classic donut. It embodies the taste of a soft and fluffy donut with a hint of sweetness. The flavour replicates the doughy, cake-like texture of a freshly fried donut, making it a nostalgic and comforting choice for vapers.

2. Sweet and Doughy: Rainbowvapes Intense Donut captures the quintessential sweetness of a donut without being overly sugary. The sweetness is balanced, allowing the doughy and bready notes to shine through. It's reminiscent of biting into a warm and sugary donut at your favourite bakery.

3. Subtle Fried Undertones: To enhance the authenticity of the donut flavour, this concentrate features subtle fried undertones. These notes mimic the slight crispiness on the outer layer of a donut that results from the frying process. It adds depth to the overall flavour profile.

4. Versatile Usage: Rainbowvapes Intense Donut is highly versatile and can be used creatively to craft a variety of e-liquid recipes:

  • Classic Donut Vapes: If you're a fan of traditional donut-flavoured e-liquids, this concentrate can serve as the primary flavour. It delivers the familiar taste of a plain donut that pairs wonderfully with coffee or as a standalone treat.

  • Flavorful Blends: DIY vapers can experiment by blending this concentrate with other flavourings. For example, you can add fruit flavours like strawberry or raspberry for a fruity donut twist, or mix it with cinnamon for a cinnamon sugar donut experience.

  • Dessert Creations: Incorporate Rainbowvapes Intense Donut into dessert-themed e-liquid recipes. It can be used as a base flavour for dessert blends, such as donut-infused custards or creamy donut-inspired concoctions.

  • Coffee Companions: For coffee lovers, this concentrate complements coffee-flavoured e-liquids exceptionally well. It can be used to create coffee and donut-inspired vapes, mimicking the classic pairing.

5. DIY Freedom: DIY vapers have the flexibility to adjust the concentration of this concentrate to tailor their vaping experience. Whether you prefer a more prominent donut flavour or a subtler sweetness, you can fine-tune your DIY creations.

In summary, Rainbowvapes Intense Donut Flavour Concentrate is a delectable representation of a freshly baked donut. It encapsulates the sweet, doughy, and slightly fried characteristics of this beloved dessert, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a comforting and dessert-inspired vaping experience in the UK. Whether you prefer classic donut vapes or want to get creative with flavour blends, this concentrate offers versatility and deliciousness in every drop.

(mix between 3-5%)



Customer Reviews

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Kelly Jewell
The best

Can’t get enough of this the donut range is amazing from rainbow vapes. Best donut flavour anywhere 10/10

Best I've tried

I had initially ordered Capella glazed doughnut but was out of stock, I was reluctant to purchase Capella's as it does taste like play dough to me, but this rainbow vapes donut concentrate is at way way better. Definitely recommend, it tastes very much like the pictures suggest. I used in a mix @3% with Flavorah vanilla custard and it was sublime. I made a 10ml stand alone tester and used at 5%.


I got this as a little extra on my order and I have to say it is indeed one of the best donut flavours. Shall be ordering more as I really can't put this down.