DX Coconut Candy Flavoured Flavour Apprentice Liquid concentrate CLOSE TO OR PASSED BEST BEFORE DATES


"DX Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate for E-Liquid by The Flavors Apprentice" is a sweet and tropical essence that captures the delightful taste of coconut candy, featuring a revised and improved formula known as "DX" (Diketone-Free). This product is meticulously crafted by The Flavors Apprentice, a reputable name in e-liquid flavourings.

This concentrate is ideal for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts who want to infuse their vaping experience with the sweet and exotic flavour of coconut candy, all while being mindful of certain ingredients. It replicates the creamy and sugary notes of coconut candy, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy the tropical and indulgent taste of coconut treats in their vape. The "DX" designation means it's formulated to be free of certain diketones, addressing safety concerns for some vapers.

Whether you're creating your own e-liquids or experimenting with flavour combinations, DX Coconut Candy Flavour Concentrate by The Flavors Apprentice allows you to enjoy the high-quality and authentic taste of coconut candy while having the reassurance of a diketone-free formula in your vape. Just a few drops of this concentrate can transform your e-liquid base into a sweet and tropical vape, and you can trust the quality and expertise that The Flavors Apprentice brand is known for.

Water soluble.

A diketone-free version of our Coconut Candy!

Ingredients: Artificial Flavors, Propylene Glycol.


Customer Reviews

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Piotr Byszuk

that is the candy type coconut try this with lemon and vanilla cake . is possible to have that PRO taste recipe with that good balanced and need at least 1 week rest then make ur bottles smell forever

Sweet !

This is amazing ! Tastes just like the shredded coconut sweet tobacco I has as a child. This one is my overall favourite ..You can shake & vape this one, although I tend to leave it a few days first. I use 1ml for 10ml bottle . You won't be disappointed


Quite like this. Lovely sweet coconut taste. I tried 12% mix but was a bit weak so think I’m going to try 15%.
Maybe a slight hint of menthol?