Elux Legend Disposable Vapes 3500 Puffs £9.99


Elux Legend is a vast 3500 puffs device, so it has a chance of lasting a whole week; these have a 1500mah battery and 20mg of salt e-liquid.

There are nine flavours to choose from, which we have reviewed below.

The only thing that could go wrong with these is the coil; it has to last an entire week. Will it taste burnt before the e-liquid runs out? I will update the listing once I have done an entire week.

After trying several of the flavours, these devices get to the end of their life still tasting great, surprisingly they don't seem to burn out.

Blueberry Raspberry: This is a good blend of the two flavours, with a decent sweet taste, slight ice effect.

Cotton Candy: Very sweet; I can tell there is a sweetener in this one mixed with the cotton candy, sweet tooth only, slight ice effect.

Fuji Melon -this is not for me; the melon would have been better on its own; you get the melon and an apple taste blended into it; I don't think it works, plenty of flavour, though.

Fresh Mint - this is a good mint flavour; three drags is enough as it's icy.

Peach Mango - really smooth, the flavours blend well together; if you like peach and mango, has little ice in it, this is a must.

Peach Blueberry Candy - fairly goos this, the flavour blend well together, again a little ice.

Unicorn Shake - A very sweet flavour, hard to describe what it tastes like, has a slight ice effect.

Watermelon Ice -a decent watermelon with a medium ice

White Peach Razz- taste the peach, not so much the razz, has a slight ice effect.

Overall, good e-liquids, just the fuji melon that I'm not keen on, most have a slight ice effect.

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Josh Hall

Good Flavours, delivery doesnt take bare long and they arent overly pricey, the lads are always gassed when the vapes arrive #sponsorme

dawn hyndl l love this shop
Top notch

Vapes are high quality and low prices