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"English Toffee Flavour Concentrate for E-Liquid by The Flavors Apprentice" is a rich and indulgent essence that captures the delicious taste of English toffee. This product is expertly crafted by The Flavors Apprentice, a trusted name in e-liquid flavourings.

This concentrate is perfect for DIY e-liquid enthusiasts who want to infuse their vaping experience with the sweet and buttery flavour of English toffee. It replicates the caramelized and nutty notes of toffee, offering a satisfying and indulgent taste. Whether you're creating your own e-liquids or experimenting with flavour combinations, English Toffee Flavour Concentrate by The Flavors Apprentice allows you to enjoy the high-quality and authentic taste of English toffee in your vape. Just a few drops of this concentrate can transform your e-liquid base into a luscious and toffee-flavored vape, and you can trust the quality and expertise that The Flavors Apprentice brand is known for.

Water soluble.

*** Note: This flavor contains 'custard' ingredients: Acetoin & Acetylpropionyl.

Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors,Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Alcohol, Water.

Customer Reviews

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Piotr Byszuk

Tried many time but still either not my type of smell or taste without body . I use it as a filler then to have some more side notes on my bakery liquids. Maybe if some1 will build that with plenty of sweet and butter will work

Amanda Shelley

needs to be used at 5 to 5.5% and mixed with other flavours

Ioannis Kirkoudis

Not an expert on concentrates but liked it!