Colonel Boom's

Forest by BLND Range Colonel Boom's (past best before date)


Notes: Chocolate, Cake, Gateaux, Cream, Cherry, Fruit 
Mix at suggested: 20%
Steeping Time: Best after a fortnight 
Ready to Vape: No, this needs to be mixed
A light chocolate cake with layers of cream and a delicious hint of cherry running throughout

The Flavour

Forest is our spin of a Black Forest gateaux, combining layers of light chocolate sponge cake with a lightly sweetened cream our bases was born, the chocolate cake flavour develops in the mouth but does not become overpowering and instead balances beautifully with the cream and fruit layers.

As in the real thing we infused cherries throughout with a sweet and tart cherry blend for accuracy. Forest is a perfect vape to treat yourself with once mixed and steeped to allow the bakery flavours to develop further.