Fresh Pepaco by K-Boom 06/19

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Discover the fresh Pepaco Fresh aroma by K-Boom: a mix of peach, papaya, coconut cream for the sweetness and a good dose of freshness for all lovers of fresh fruit juice.

10 ml bottle with child safety cap

Concentrated aroma for your DIY e-liquids. the flavors must be diluted in the base, they must not be vaped as is.

K Boom range made in Germany.

10 ml bottle with child safety cap

Recommended use:

  • 4-7%
  • assays:
  • A 1 ml of aroma corresponds to 30 drops. 

"Steep" or ripening time.

  • Aromas like classic and gourmet flavor: 15 days
  • Fruity, menthol-like aromas: 48 hours
  • Aromas type custard: 30 days

Further information.

  • Store your aroma between 4 and 16 ° C away from light
  • The use beyond the BBD remains safe, be sure to keep it in good conditions. 
  • It may still be that the flavors are slightly altered.
  • Do not vape as is.