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Fresh Pressed One Shots 30ml

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The creators of Fresh Pressed are the former pressers of Cosmic fog and Cuttwood.

The name Salts on their Chubby is for good that they are well treated, they were developed to have the maximum rendering on all media vape, whether atomizers, drippers, but also pods or other primo vapoteurs.

The decadent fusion of Perfect Pink from Fresh Pressed will get you moving !

We blend heaps of strawberry, topped with smooth Bavarian sweet cream to make your wildest fantasy a reality.

Cheers to the Sparkling Starfruit from Fresh Pressed !

A classy way to start your day. A blend of bubbly champagne, chewy pink starfruit and exotic fruits come together to throw the perfect party in your mouth.

PINK MELON Peach, watermelon and melon. A bold mix and terribly perfect.
A marvel of slightly sweet sweetness. A delight..

With the Malibu Meltdown from Fresh Pressed, It's a luau for your mouth !

Dream of kicking back on white sand beaches and relaxing with this tropical blend of kiwi, watermelon and mixed berries.


Watermelons, kiwis and wild berries make up this incredibly sweet blend.

But beware behind all this sweetness comes an exhilarating coolness straight from the pack ice.


A tart consisting of a layer of whipped cream with vanilla on which a large amount of pecan has been added.

Crunchy, creamy sweet combine for a marvel of gluttony.

HONEYCOMB A fresh lemonade in which float small wild berries from hawai.
These powerful fruits are accompanied by a subtle touch of honey. A fruity, fresh and sweet combination.

FRUIT FINALE Granny Smith, green apples balanced with sweet and juicy pears and an explosion of exotic Amazon fruits !
A superb fruitiness! The Fresh Pressed are aptly named !

Chill from the inside out with Blissful Berries from Fresh Pressed.

We mixed frozen crushed dark berries blended with smooth lemon limeade that will knock you out cold !