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Italian Artist Fuji Apple Flavour Concentrate captures the essence of crisp and sweet Fuji apples, delivering an authentic apple flavour that can elevate your DIY e-liquid creations.

This concentrate provides a true-to-life representation of Fuji apples, known for their juicy, slightly tart, and refreshing taste. Vapers can enjoy the delightful apple flavour without any artificial or overpowering notes, making it a versatile choice for various e-liquid recipes.

With Italian Artist Fuji Apple Flavour Concentrate, you can create e-liquids that showcase the natural sweetness and crispness of Fuji apples. Whether you prefer standalone apple-flavoured e-liquids or enjoy blending them with other fruit, dessert, or pastry flavours, this concentrate offers a wide range of possibilities.

Consider combining Italian Artist Fuji Apple Flavour Concentrate with complementary flavours like cinnamon, caramel, or pie crust to create delectable apple pie or apple strudel e-liquids. Additionally, this concentrate pairs well with menthol or mint for a refreshing twist on apple-flavoured vapes.

Italian Artist Fuji Apple Flavour Concentrate is a must-have for vapers who appreciate the taste of fresh, ripe apples and want to craft their own e-liquid recipes. Its versatility and true-to-life apple flavour make it a valuable addition to any DIY vaping collection.

In summary, Italian Artist Fuji Apple Flavour Concentrate delivers the authentic taste of Fuji apples, allowing vapers to create e-liquids that capture the essence of this beloved fruit. Whether used as a standalone flavour or in creative blends, this concentrate provides a delicious and versatile apple vaping experience.

10ml bottle 

pg based

Customer Reviews

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Andreas Lengwenus
THE apple

The only perfect apple taste I know.

Nearly FA original

Very good flavor, BUT...
Noticed a difference. In the original FA, the taste is more pronounced and stronger.
I mixed two identical recipes, but used FA Fuji in the first and IA Fuji in the second.IA needs to be poured more than FA. It is a fact.
I think you need to write how much PG has been added to this new brand.

Hi, it is exactly the same, buying 1 liter or gallon bottles is cheaper than buying 10ml FA bottles, thats why it is a lot cheaper, we DO NOT add anything to any flavours, hence our good reputation.