Funnel Cake Flavor West Flavour Concentrate CLOSE TO OR PASSED BEST BEFORE DATES


Funnel Cake Flavouring offers a truly unique and delightful taste and aroma that can elevate your culinary creations. This exceptional flavour can add a touch of originality to your recipes.

The Funnel Cake Water Soluble Flavoring is meticulously crafted using a blend of natural and artificial flavourings, along with propylene glycol, ensuring top-tier quality. It adheres to the rigorous standards of USP Kosher Grade Flavoring.

Please be aware that, in accordance with the standard industry policy for flavouring products, refunds are not available for this item.

Additional Information:

  • Part Number: FW-FUN
  • Flavor/Aroma: Cinnamon Sugar Fried Dough
  • Colour: Dark Brown
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool, dry environment with a temperature range of 68°F to 77°F, shielded from direct sunlight.
  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Density at 77°F: 8.64 lbs./gallon
  • Solubility: This flavouring easily dissolves in water, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including drinks, beverages, smoothies, desserts, pastries, baked treats, and more.

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A good addition

to any concs, like fruits or chocolate