Grape Ice Disposable Vape By Vozol

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Grape ice 20mg 500 puff disposable vape by Vozol delivers the signature taste of white and dark grapes, ripe and juicy in taste, then unites it with a seriously frozen backdrop bringing a nice cool hit to your throat after the juiciness of the fruits.

The potent strength of the Vozol bar is created using a compact battery coupled to a pod containing nicotine salt e-liquid. The salt-based nicotine delivers a strong, fast hit, along with oodles of flavour, as it doesn't interfere with the taste. This also makes the vape smoother, with no harshness.

Vozol bars are brought to us by foresight innovations, a leader in the Chinese and worldwide vaping sector. If you are starting to vape rather than lighting up a cigarette, this is a very easy way of vaping. Also, these are excellent if you have little to no time on your hands as there's no faff. Travelling? no need to carry any of the usual paraphernalia associated with traditional vapes so there's less to carry around. The other advantage is that you have no need to refill with messy liquids or create any slips or spills as these are a sealed device.

The attractive, slender little vape is close to the way a cigarette inhales due to its MTL technology inside. Easy to use, you just unpack and unwrap, then inhale, a super simple design with no buttons, settings or batteries to change or charge. This single-use device means that once finished you just dispose of it and open another one.

  • simple to use
  • colourful and slim
  • inhale Activated¬†
  • 20mg strength
  • up to 500 flavour-filled puffs
  • Capacity: 2.0ml
  • compliant with TPD regs

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Geraldine Wells-Richardson
Grape vapes

Good vapes and service....