Jamaican Rum Flavour Concentrate by Italian Artist close to or past best before dates


Italian Artist Jamaican Rum Flavour Concentrate captures the rich and complex essence of Jamaican rum, allowing you to infuse your DIY e-liquids with the distinctive taste of this renowned spirit.

This concentrate provides a deep and authentic rum flavour that carries the characteristic notes of caramel, molasses, and a hint of spice associated with Jamaican rum. Vapers can enjoy the robust and full-bodied taste of rum without the need for actual alcohol.

Italian Artist Jamaican Rum Flavour Concentrate offers a wide range of creative possibilities for crafting e-liquids. You can use it as a standalone flavour to create a smooth and warming rum-inspired vape experience, perfect for those who appreciate the taste of premium dark rum.

Additionally, this concentrate pairs exceptionally well with other flavours. Consider blending it with dessert flavours like vanilla, caramel, or chocolate to create indulgent and complex e-liquids reminiscent of rum-infused desserts. You can also experiment with fruit flavours, such as banana or pineapple, to craft tropical rum-inspired vapes.

For vapers seeking a more adventurous mix, Italian Artist Jamaican Rum Flavour Concentrate combines harmoniously with coffee, tobacco, or spices like cinnamon and clove. These combinations can recreate the sensation of sipping a well-crafted rum cocktail or enjoying a classic spiced rum.

Whether you want to create a bold and authentic rum e-liquid or explore unique flavour combinations, Italian Artist Jamaican Rum Flavour Concentrate provides a versatile and essential tool for your DIY vaping adventures. It allows you to add the rich and nuanced taste of Jamaican rum to your e-liquid creations, offering a memorable and satisfying vaping experience.

In summary, Italian Artist Jamaican Rum Flavour Concentrate captures the essence of Jamaican rum, offering vapers the opportunity to craft a wide range of rum-inspired e-liquids. With its rich and complex flavour profile, this concentrate opens the door to creative and delicious DIY vaping recipes.

10ml bottleĀ 

pg based

Customer Reviews

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David Crawford
Rum in the mix

Adds that little something recommends this all day long, not sure if I would just vape this flavor by itself, but mix oh yes.

andy h

Really good. And great for making your own e liquids. Reasonably priced and fast delivery.

Gary Watson
Jamaican rum

Got for a particular mix which I've just done so early days but smell nice and seems strong so don't need much.