Juicy Nirds E-Liquids 50ml Short Fill (SHORT DATES OR PAST BB DATE)

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70vg 30pg

18mg shot makes the Eliquid 3mg and a 9mg shot make it a 1.5mg E-Liquid.

Gobbly Gobstopper

Layers of fruity flavours transformed from the jaw-breaker candy of our youth into a delicious e-liquid that you
will want to savor on your tongue all day long.
Inspired by the iconic candy lm where the children are given an ever lasting gobstopper, our e-liquid captures
the fantasy and flavours of American candy. We have specially created the e-liquid to have layers upon layers of
sweetie goodness that truly transports you into a world of pure imagination.

Cherry Lemonade

Cool, sharp lemonade and rich sweet cherries – a Nerds-inspired combination that adds up to a really delicious
We love a tart, tangy lemonade, either on its own or as the starting point for a cool combination. To create this
one we started out with a premium citrus base, gave it just the right amount of sweetness, then balanced it
with juicy cherries. It’s an inspired pairing that works well with Nerds, and is just as successful in this sparkling,
summery vape!

Grape & Strawberry

Two juicy berries in one outstanding vape! This incredible Nerds-inspired avour combines sweet strawberry
and complex grape to deliver a true taste explosion.
Strawberries are one of nature’s real triumphs. Sweet and delicious, they’re one of the tastiest fruits out there.
It doesn’t matter how good something is, though – you can still improve on it if you try hard enough. We’ve
taken a great-tasting strawberry avour and improved it by adding some ripe, juicy grapes. Carefully mixed
and balanced to capture the taste of an amazing Nerds combination, the nal product is a real fruity classic.

Apple & Blackberry

Tart green apples and juicy blackberries come together to create the perfect contrast in this fantastic sweet
We love vapes that oer contrasting pairs of flavours, and that’s exactly what Amped Apple and Blackberry
delivers. To recreate this amazing Nerds combo we looked for a crisp, sharp green apple avour with some real
bite. We teamed it up with a smooth, sweet blackberry, then tested and adjusted to get the perfect balance
between the two. The result? A simple but involving vape that hits you with a sharp inhale, then follows up
with a rich velvety blackberry afternote.

Apple sour lemon

Want a vape with some real bite to it? This citrus and apple blend, based on a classic Nerds combo, is guaranteed
to grab your attention!
One of the great things about Nerds is their versatility. Each avour on its own is simple enough, but combine
them and you can create some very interesting blends. Want something extra-sweet and luxurious? You can
do that. Looking for a tongue-tingling experience? You can do that, too! That’s what we’ve done with our Sour
Lemon & Apple – a crisp, tart apple base is paired with a deliciously sour citrus to give a bold and distinctive

Wild Cherry & Watermelon

Decadent sweet cherries and refreshing watermelon add up to an incredible vaping experience in this blend
inspired by a fantastic Nerds pairing.
There’s something about the pairing of watermelon and wild cherry Nerds that really appeals to us, so it was
an obvious candidate when we went to work on our range of tribute juices. To create this one we found an
amazingly fresh watermelon base, then combined it with a bold, sweet wild cherry afternote. Fruity treat or all
day vape – this awesome liquid does both.

Sour Wild Berry & Peach

Sweet, smooth and velvety, this fruit vape inspired by Nerds makes a delicious all-day vape or a luxurious
after-dinner treat.
When we set out to create this juice we had a very clear image of what we wanted – the ultimate luxurious
fruit vape. To achieve that we selected a medley of sweet berry avours, and blended them to capture the
taste of wild berry Nerds. Then we paired it with a smooth, juicy peach; together they add up to a great flavour
explosion that’s sure to satisfy any fruit lover.

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Robert Bignell

Quality Service. Ta Very Much

Suzanne Rietmeijer
Leaking bottles

The Lemon taste is Nice oranje taste is OK. Downside is that the bottles were half empty due to leaking during transport. So be prepeared to clean up the mess before using. It cost me a shirt and pair of trousers. So after all an expensive liquid!
Some bottles are hard to open..

Helena Luengo

Good. Delivery was fast.