Kenji One Shots 30ml

by Kenji

Mango- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Mango E liquid is a real tongue twister that kick you taste buds into overdrive with its zesty Mango flavour, filled with the fresh taste of the tropics all in one vape!

Blackcurrant Apple- Kenji Aroma Blackcurrant Apple E liquid is a sweet concentrate concoction featuring a ripe Blackcurrant extract paired with sliced apples, and with just the right VG / PG mixture this can make for a awesome all day vape!

Blackcurrant Honeydew- Kenji Aroma Blackcurrant Honeydew E liquid is a unique concentrate featuring a note of honeydew melon that's intensely sweet with a smooth inhalation, followed by the power Blackcurrant base!

Double Apple- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Double Apple E liquid offers you a delicious apple crumble that's tenderly sweet, followed by a note of ultra light apple flavour. Taste the most gourmet of fruity Double Apple flavours!

Grape, Lychee- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Grape Lychee E liquid is a fruity concentrate from Kenji, featuring a savory aroma blend of ripe grapes and lychees that provide a lingering flavour and long lasting vape.

Peach- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Peach Lemonade E liquid tantalises your taste buds with the fresh taste of tangy Lemonade zest paired alongside a juicy Peach undertone.

Pineapple- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Pineapple Cookies E liquid is an ultra-gourmet recipe where a generous chocolate chip cookie meets beautiful slices of fragrant pineapple on a bed of smooth cream...

Pom Strawberry- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Pom Strawberry E liquid is a blend featuring a bold Strawberry flavour filled with succulent juices with a touch of menthol for an intensely coolvape.

Strawberry Kiwi- Kenji Aroma Concentrate Strawberry Kiwi E liquid is a mixture bursting with unique flavour! Inclusive of a ripe Strawberry base topped with a Kiwi extraction that delivers a spike in flavour upon exhaling.

Recommended blend based on VG / PG ratio:

  • 10% concentrate in a base of PG/VG 70/30
  • 12% of the concentrate in a base of PG/VG 50/50
  • 14 % concentrate in a base of PG/VG of 30/70