Lime Cold Pressed Flavour Concentrate by Italian Artist close to or past best before dates


Italian Artist Lime Cold Pressed Flavour Concentrate delivers the vibrant and zesty essence of freshly squeezed limes with a refreshing, cool twist. This concentrate allows you to infuse your DIY e-liquids with the bright and invigorating taste of limes, complemented by a chilly sensation.

The lime flavour in this concentrate is true to its source, offering a tangy and citrusy profile that mirrors the tartness of ripe limes. It captures the essence of lime zest and juice, making it a versatile choice for vapers who appreciate the zingy and uplifting taste of citrus.

What sets Italian Artist Lime Cold Pressed Flavour Concentrate apart is the addition of a cooling element. The "cold pressed" aspect introduces a refreshing coolness to the lime flavour, creating a unique vaping experience. This icy note enhances the overall profile, making it an excellent choice for vapers who enjoy menthol or cool-themed e-liquids.

This concentrate can be used in various ways to create delightful e-liquids. As a standalone flavour, it offers a straightforward yet exhilarating lime and coolness combo, ideal for vapers seeking a crisp and revitalizing vape.

For those who want to get creative, Italian Artist Lime Cold Pressed Flavour Concentrate pairs wonderfully with other flavours. Lime complements a wide range of profiles, including fruit, beverage, and dessert flavours. Consider mixing it with fruity companions like strawberry, raspberry, or pineapple to craft refreshing fruit medleys. You can also experiment with adding a touch of sweetness or creaminess to balance the sharpness of the lime.

For beverage-inspired vapes, this concentrate can be blended with flavours like lemonade, soda, or even a hint of mint for a cool limeade or mojito-inspired vape. It's equally versatile in dessert recipes, allowing you to create lime-infused treats such as lime sorbet, key lime pie, or lime sherbet.

In summary, Italian Artist Lime Cold Pressed Flavour Concentrate provides a lively lime flavour with a refreshing cool twist, adding versatility to your DIY e-liquid creations. Whether you prefer a straightforward lime and menthol vape or wish to explore complex flavour combinations, this concentrate offers endless possibilities for crafting delicious and invigorating e-liquids.

10ml bottleĀ 

pg based

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Andre Bailey
As good as it gets

Been on a citrus vibe for quite a while and tend to use Favour Art for their concentrates. I have seen these around for a while now and thought I would give em a try. Off the bat it's a pretty good flavour and on par with FA original. I tend to use it in Key Lime and chewy sweet recipes etc.I don't think there are many reviews from top mixers who give a pretty good description of the concentrates and best percentage to mix, but lime is a strong flavour in general, go easy and work up! It works for me and I am grateful to Rainbow vapes for stocking it and delivering quickly for my citrus fix!!!