Mango Madness Amare Crystal One SKE Disposable Vape

Mango Madness Amare Crystal One SKE Disposable Vape is the distinctive taste of freshly picked tropical mangos that are full of juiciness and dripping with sweetness. A slight iciness comes through on exhale too.

The diverse range of flavours in the Amare Crystal devices are identified by name as well as colour, The cool design features a sleek oval design that's similar in size to a matchbox of the device. It boasts a hard clear outer shell with an internal metallic casing. However bold these disposables look, they can easily be hidden in the hand making them a stealthy alternative to SKE's older brother the crystal bar. The device contains a 2ml pod inside with an e-liquid that is based on nicotine salt, this is flavourless, smooth to vape and delivers plenty of taste without harshness. The other advantages include the fast absorption rate compared to standard nicotine, meaning these will subside your cravings more rapidly. 

Ideal for users with no time on their hands or travellers, these need no set-up, charging, or refilling. So all you need to take with you is the simplistic device and some spare ones in case you run out. There's also no mess as these are sealed too. 

The Amare Crystal has auto-turn-on tech and clearly shows you when it is activated by sending a subtle beam of light around the device which highlights the logo, upon the vape running out of power or liquid this light then flashes to signify it's come to the end of its life. As soon as you inhale, the device activates and delivers what you need until you stop inhaling. No settings, buttons or charging. Just a really simple suck-and-go approach is needed. When you are finished the device turns itself off. Mouth-to-lung is the method of delivery and this closely resembles the way a cigarette is inhaled.

  • From¬†SKE the designers of the original¬†crystal bar
  • 15 tasty flavours
  • Salt strength: 20mg
  • Robust and super tasty
  • 2ml Of liquid delivering up to 600 puffs
  • TPD compliant

Customer Reviews

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Allie Thomason

Fantastic! Delicious flavour and compact to carry around.