Mixed Berries Nix Disposable By Doozy Vape

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Mixed Berries Nix 20mg 600 puff disposable vape by Doozy Vape is a fruitilicious one. It's a delicious medley of juicy berry fruits with sweet and sour highlights—a sweet, fruity blend delivered seamlessly through the nicotine salt contained within.

The potent strength of the nicotine salt delivers a smooth, fast relief to your cravings without the harshness of standard nicotine. This also provides an endless amount of flavour without affecting the taste of the flavours.

The Doozy Nix range is brought to us from Dewsbury in the UK. Requiring no set-up or adjustments, these are simple and easy to use with no fuss. They are ideal for novice vapers or first-time ones and can also be an excellent option for people with little to no time. Are you going on holiday? These don't need liquids, chargers, or coils. All you need to remember is to take the disposable, and there's no maintenance.

Being mouth-to-lung operated devices, these are designed to emulate how a cigarette is taken in. They are inhale-activated and produce a small, high-strength vape. With no buttons, settings, or charging, these are simple to operate and excellent for first-time vapers. Once the device has run out of liquid, you throw it away and open another one. As the devices are small, you can always carry a replacement.

  • Unwrap and inhale
  • inhale Activated
  • 20mg nic salt strength
  • delivers up to 600 puffs
  • contains 2ml of e-liquid
  • TPD compliant

Customer Reviews

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Tracy Cunningham
doozy vape-mixed berries

I had forgotten that i had tried this vape before and i hadnt been too keen on the shape and the mouth piece of this disposable. I found it hard to get a good air-packed puff,it felt too loose for my liking. Previously i tried the red wing which was a energy drink themed flavour, like that flavour this had no real depth of taste and now that ive tried it twice its really just not for me, too big and bulky and not strong enough, bit harsh also.