Peeky Blenders Disposable Vape Pens (approx 600 Puffs) £3.99


Peeky blenders has been popular in the Shortfill range, these disposable devices bring the same flavours in an easy to transport device.

They give around 600 Puffs

They have 2ml of salt e-liquid at 20mg and come with a built-in 400mah battery.

I have tried the brilliant chang and it's super tasty. 

Customer Reviews

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carl Jones
Awesome vapes

Brilliant vapes and even better customer service 👏 definitely worth every penny

Donna Carr

I ordered 2 flavours, The Garrison & Capone. I really enjoyed The Garrison but the Capone one wasn't very enjoyable, in my opinion. It had a very funny flavour, it was meant to be blackberry & raspberry but it didn't taste like that. It hasn't put me off trying others though as my sister has bought herself & i 2 others to try so once I've had those she'll be giving a review too. I love how small they are, some you buy from the shop are really big & bulky but, The Peeky Blenders range are small & sleek. My brother in law has tried several flavours & he's enjoyed them all. The only negative i found was it didn't hold close to 600 puffs, I know it said it has "up to" 600 but it definitely didn't give me nowhere near 600. I buy elf bars from the shop that hold roughly 600 puffs & those last me up to a week+ but The Peeky vap didn't even last 3 full days, it wasn't the battery, it just ran out of liquid. And the Capone vape had a fault, each time I took a drag on it it'd make a funny crackling sound then smoke afterwards for a few seconds. This isn't the reason it only lasted a few days as The Garrison vape didn't have a fault & lasted the same amount of time. I'm looking forward to trying the other flavours 🙂👍


The vape is good In every way but it is quite small and I don’t think it can do 600 puffs