Sad Boy E-Liquids 100ml Short Fill

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Sad Boy is created in Philadelphia in the USA, these guys bring a selection of mainly fruit and desert e-liquids. These come in a 75vg 30pg and a 70vg 30pg base.

  • Blueberry Jam Cookie - blueberry jam, cookie
  • Butter Cookie - butter, cookie
  • Custard Cookie - custard, cookie
  • Key Lime Cookie - lime, cookie
  • Mango Blood - mango
  • Pumpkin Cookie - pumpkin, cookie
  • Punch Berry Blood - raspberry lemonade, sour candy
  • Rainbow Blood - tropical fruits
  • Shamrock Cookie - shamrock, cookie
  • Strawberry Blood - strawberry
  • Strawberry Jam Cookie - strawberry jam, cookie
  • Unicorn Treats - savory & fruity

Customer Reviews

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Angelo Lorwa
Best consistent e juice.

I have tried sadboy along time ago and immediately became in love with it. I tried all there cookie flavors including the new lychee cookie and it's outstanding. If you want quality premium e juice look no further. You will not be disappointed. The only juice I don't like from sadboy is unicorn 🌈 tears. It's a weird flavor and just a no go. The rest you can you order with confident if you like cookie based liquids. Salute!

Angelo Lorwa

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Joseph Perryman
Yummy 😋

Absolutely love this e-liquid and thanks to rainbowvapes for an absolutely brilliant service.