Banana Milkshake Shortfill E-Liquid By Shake It 100ml

Banana milkshake e-liquid by Shake has the classic taste of a creamy, cool milkshake combined with an intense banana backdrop. Bold, ripe bananas are blended into a creamy, rich milkshake base that is mellow and distinctive.

Shake arrives in a 120ml recyclable shortfill bottle, which has space for a couple of nicotine shots. When adding to the cart, you can opt for 0mg, which means you won't receive any nicotine. Alternatively, selecting 3mg will mean you receive 2 18mg shots, and adding them to the liquid would create 3mg strength. 1.5mg is also a choice, which results from adding 2 x 9mg nic shots. Remember, we supply the nicotine shots for free, too.

A 70% VG content delivers copious amounts of flavour and clouds when combined with a more potent device in power and size.

Shake It is mixed in Liverpool, the UK. Ejuice Warehouse has brought a collection of classic milkshakes like the ones you made with powder and milk as a kid. These authentic flavours take you back on a nostalgic tour into the kitchen cupboard, Delivering an intense, sweet, creamy and silky-smooth vape.

  • 100ml of liquid in a 120ml capacity recyclable bottle
  • select your strengths: 0mg, 1.5mg, and 3mg
  • nic shots come free
  • 70% VG 0% PG delivering plenty of vapour
  • Ideal for all vaping in bigger devices and tanks,¬†
  • contrived in the UK near¬†Liverpool
  • tamper-evident seal

Customer Reviews

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Perry Beard

If you enjoy banana milkshake then check this out


Great taste, smooth banana with a milky taste, one of my adv’s

Banana Milkshake

Was not the nicest vape flavour but it was ok.
I was very surprised how it did actually taste like the real thing.
I think if it could taste a little bit milkier, it would be amazing.