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OTOFO STNG MTL RDA is co-designed by the YouTube reviewer Vapor Place, a Russian vaper with informative tutorials on his vaping channel. It is 22mm in diameter and serves to meet the demands of all mouth-to-lung or nic salts vapers.

Wotofo's STNG MTL RDA Hits All the Marks
Vape like a boss with this stylish and functional Wotofo STNG MTL RDA. This 22mm Mouth to Lung Rebuildable Dripper is the newest release from celebrated vape manufacturer Wotofo. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from the company that brought popular favorites, like the Recurve, Elder Dragon, Profile, Profile Unity, Faris and more rebuildable atomizers, to the market.

Interesting Features and Specifications
22mm Build Deck Diameter
Single Coil Configuration
5-30W Wattage Range
43mm Height with 510 pin and drip tip
MTL-focused drip tip
Classic Airflow Control
Easy Coil Install

Constructed With You in Mind
Wotofo’s products have a reputation for superior build quality. To take this Mouth-to-Lung RDA to the next level, they teamed up with well known YouTube superstar Vapor Place (Uncle Stas). Together, they engineered the best MTL device for the perfect smoke experience.

The result is a stainless steel MTL Focused drip tip, complete with a 510 connection, for an almost ergonomic feel in your mouth when doing MTL inhales. This ensures flavors come through strong and crisp for a truly enjoyable vape experience.

Stealth Vape Friendly
The compact size of this well-designed single coil 22mm MTL RDA pairs optimally with a smaller mod. It also comes with a squonk pin for added convenience. If you’re more of a dripper, simply switch out the squonk pin with the solid one included in the accessory bag.

Easy to Install Coils
The STNG features T-shaped spring-loaded clamps for easy mounting. There’s no need for extra tools, just twist the screws a little install the coils securely. This makes for a rebuildable MTL vape kit that’s relatively beginner-friendly, especially considering its single-atomizer design.

Stylish and Practical
Every kit comes with 2 drip tips (5.46 and 6.73 outer diameter) to ensure you get the experience you’re looking for. But, what takes this Squonking Mouth to Lung RDA over the top (aesthetically speaking) is the variety of colors - SS, Blue, Rainbow, Gold, Gunmetal, and Black - to choose from.

Versatile Smoke
This MTL device is a bottom airflow RDA and has what’s commonly known as a pig snout design. The notable thing about this is, the intake hole sits on one side making it easy to adjust from the outside. This design gives Wotofo’s best squonking RDA the ability to go from a tight MTL to a loose one with no trouble at all.

Complete MTL RDA Kit
This MTL Squonk RDA kit features everything you need to have the perfect MTL vape experience every time. Some of the accessories include a Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil, User Manual, Cross Head Screwdriver, and an Allen Key.

Wotofo’s collaboration with Uncle Stas was pure genius. Receiving input from someone who genuinely loves the culture resulted in a well-crafted, easy to build on (especially considering its size) and high-end MTL RDA. It also delivers a decent cloud and incomparable flavor. Reward yourself with this good looking, practical, and affordable device, it’s possibly the best squonking RDA for MTL on the market right now.

Main Features
MTL-focused drip tip comes right onto the top

Controlled airflow falls into the category of classic design

Single-sided air inlet integrated with dual channels

Coil installing is with ease

Simple, compact, and squonk-friendly


Build Deck Diameter: 22mm

Coil Configuration: Single Coil

Wattage Range: 5-30W

Recommended Ohm Value: 0.4-1.8ohm

Overall Height: 43.15mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)

Threading: 510 Thread

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Juice Feeding Method: Drip / Squonk

Insulator Material: German PEEK

Colors Available: Black, S.S., Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Rainbow

What’s in the package:

1pc Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil

1pc Single-Strand Coil

1pc User Manual

1pc Extra Drip Tip

1pc Cross Head Screwdriver

1pc Allen Key

1pc Cotton Strip

1bag O-rings

Included Coil Specs:
1. Dual Core Fused Clapton Coil

Recommended for normal nicotine vaping

Material: Ni80 30G*2+38G

Resistance: 0.8 ohm

Inner Diameter: 2.5mm

Number of Wraps: 6 wraps

2. Single-Strand Coil

Recommended for nic salts vaping

Material: Ni80 28G

Resistance: 1.2ohm

Inner Diameter: 2.5mm

Number of Wraps: 9 wraps

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
M Gul
I’m impressed…

First time trying a MTL dripper since 2015. I am very impressed by how much better this is compared to what I was Vaping in back in the day. Been using this exclusively since I received it. Prior to this I’ve been sub-Ohm vaping for years

Andy H
Decent MTL RDA

Not the best, not the worst, just pretty good. Excellent price too.

Good enough

Simple AF, perfect for rebuild noobs.
The cotton included is not that great, and the quantity is a joke.
Also you should consider getting another 510 drip-tip. the supplied ones are suitable but i got tired of it within about 2 days.
I don't mention the awesome price at which RV sells it.