Sweet Strawberry Ice Salt E-Liquid By Imp Jar Mini 3000 10ml

nicotine strength

Sweet Strawberry Ice Salt e-liquid by Impjar Mini 3000 10ml delivers rich notes of ripe strawberries fused with a sharp and cool iciness that flows through on inhale and exhale.

Available in 2 strengths, you can enjoy the kick of nicotine in 20mg form which is the same as many of the disposable vapes on the market today. Alternatively, you can opt for a 10mg liquid if you'd prefer a more subtle nicotine kick. Being salt based these deliver the flavour in an intense but smooth way. The salt also doesn't affect the taste of the flavour making them less harsh than traditional forms of e-liquid.

Imp Jar Mini 3000 have aimed this range at recreating the taste of your favourite disposables, with smooth yet powerful blends, emulating the flavours synonymous with the ready-to-use devices. This liquid comes in a 50% VG combination, which is great for smaller devices, including pens and pods. These are ideal for mouth-to-lung devices as they produce smaller amounts of clouds but with great flavour intensity.

Imp Jar Mini 3000 is manufactured in the UK and has created a number of distinctive blends including complex fruit blends, delicious candies, invigorating soft drinks and bold tobacco blends. 

  • 10ml e-liquid
  • available¬†in 10mg or 20mg
  • 50% VG 50% PG blend
  • Ideal for¬†smaller devices and tanks
  • manufactured¬†in the UK
  • TPD certified
  • tamper-evident seal

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Elena Horatau
Great juice

Nice Juice, really good flavour, will purchase again