tahitian coconut Solub Arome flavour concentrate


Solubarome's Tahitian Coconut flavour concentrate captures the exotic and tropical essence of coconuts from Tahiti. This concentrated flavouring offers a rich and creamy coconut taste with a hint of tropical sweetness. Whether you use it as a standalone flavour or blend it with others, you can create a vaping experience that transports you to the lush and sun-soaked paradise of Tahiti with every puff.

THE PREPARATION To create your e-liquid, you will require: ● A concentrated aroma; ● A PG/VG base of your preference; ● Optionally: the number of boosters according to your nicotine level; ● An empty bottle.

Here are the steps to prepare a 50 ml e-liquid with a 50/50 PG/VG base at 0 mg:

  1. Obtain a bottle of 50 ml or larger.
  2. Add 15% aroma, which is 8 ml, into the bottle.
  3. Top up with 50 ml of 50/50 PG/VG base.
  4. Thoroughly mix to ensure the flavour and base are evenly blended.

MATURATION TIME Once your bottle is prepared, shake it vigorously! Find the maturation time in the "Technical sheet" section at the top of the page. The higher the VG ratio, the longer the maturation period.

PRESERVING YOUR DIY AROMA To savour your DIY Solubarome e-liquid under optimal conditions, make sure to store your various components in a dry place, at room temperature, and away from light. If stored properly, you can still use your DIY Solubarome e-liquid concentrate even after its shelf life has expired. However, you may observe a gradual weakening and/or slight alteration in flavour over time.

SAFETY TIPS ● Do not consume undiluted. ● Wear gloves. ● Label your preparations. ● Keep out of reach of children and animals. ● Store away from light and maintain a temperature below 20Β°C.Β 

NOTE : This product may contain traces of nuts

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Piotr Byszuk
Cocont maniac

Yes that one is not perfumy not candy . Is smooth coconut any tropical mix or even bounty bar yes 50 ml last you more than a year . 2 % max but i tried also ice coconut on higher and was good