Triple Berry Jewel Mini Disposable Vape By Aroma King

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Triple berry 20mg 600 puff Jewel mini disposable by Aroma king. Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are mixed in this medley of soft fruits. Lush, lifelike flavours with nice minty ice exhale.

Within the colourful Jewel body of the vape is a reliable 500mah battery, enough to deliver up to 600 intense puffs of nicotine. The 2ml tank is also housed inside the device and uses a salt nicotine-based system this ensures the flavour isn't tainted or made harsh in any way. The salt also possesses properties which mean absorption to the body is faster than that of standard nicotine, meaning you receive the hit in a more rapid timescale.  Simplicity comes as standard with no need for chargers, liquids or maintenance, it's also sealed, so there is no mess. Resulting in an ideal choice for beginners or those of you who are too busy to faff around with a more traditional e-cig.

Being so attractive and eye-catching these can still be used stealthily as they are so compact. The device can literally sit in the palm of the hand, it's similar in size to a beach pebble.

Hailing from Aroma King, the unique-looking jewel mini uses mouth-to-lung technology with this device, meaning that it will be close in use to how a cigarette is inhaled. Upon inhaling the device will turn on and light up the coil inside, delivering flavour until you stop, at which point it cuts out automatically too. These simple, no-fuss devices need no filling, charging or maintenance, just open it up and you're away.

Worth noting is the handy addition of a free lanyard, the cord you can pop around your neck to ensure your vape is with you at all times and not too far away, satisfying your cravings even faster.

  • unique jewel design
  • free lanyard
  • immense flavour delivery
  • 20mg nicotine strength
  • 500mah battery
  • up to 600 puffs
  • 2.0ml¬†capacity
  • TPD¬†compliant

Customer Reviews

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Lynne Loveridge

Fantastic flavour one of my favourite vapes nice and fruity