TrustFire TR-001 Li-Ion Battery Charger


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1.This charger is a non-linear high power constant current switching smart charger

2. This battery charger can remain the battery stable charging current within certain voltage segment. It is of high-current and can stops charging itself after fully charged.

3.Charging current:

(1)When the battery voltage is below 3.4V, charging current is 850mA-900mA.
(2)When the battery voltage is 3.5V-3.6V, charging current is 650mA-700mA.
(3)When the battery voltage is 3.9V-4.1V, charging current is 500mA-550mA until fully charged. The fully charged rate is 98%-100%.

4.The charger inside uses PWM control mode for charging. It is high voltage, high current and constant current charging that can achieve fast charge purpose.

5. Please ensure the battery voltage above 2.7V. Otherwise, the battery can not be charged with this charger. And please repaire the battery in other ways before charging.

6.The charger is with anti battery inversion circuit protection and it can protect the battery and charger from damaging due to battery inversion.

7.This charger can charge battery 16340, 18650, etc and other battery in the same specifications.

8.Charing time: usually, fully charge 2pcs 2400mah 18650 battery needs only 4-5 hours.

9.This charger can charge both 3.2V LiFePO4 battery and 3.7v Li-ion battery. When using, please turn the switch to appropriate position

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